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Boost Your Home Theater with the Latest Sony Receivers

A luxurious home theater setup with Sony’s ES home theater receiver.

Enjoy the highest audio and video quality with these home theater receivers!

When it comes to creating a dreamy home theater, most homeowners get excited about high-fidelity surround sound systems, 4K projectors, and even custom theater seating. But there is one essential device you should never underestimate: home theater receivers. Also known as AV receivers, these devices are the central hub of home theater systems. How do they work? In simple terms, they receive audio and video signals from different sources -for example, a streaming device, Blu-ray player, or gaming console-process them, and finally send them to your speakers and video displays.

Home theater receivers play a key role in delivering high-quality audio and video performance. For this reason, at AUDIOVISIONS, we partner with leading brands in the tech industry, such as Sony, for the models we use in our installations. Earlier this year, the world-famous brand dropped the ES receiver lineup with four new models to enhance your entertainment experience in Malibu, CA. 

In this blog, we will dive into the specifications of the ES receiver lineup from Sony. Keep reading to find out all about these innovative home theater receivers!

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Your home is a reflection of your personality and style. From the furnishings to the fixtures, every aspect enhances your sense of comfort and lifestyle. The home automation system you install should be no different; it should respond to your needs and desires, personalizing the experience. 

Control4 smart home creates a more intimate experience than DIY solutions, combining lighting, climate control, security, and entertainment to make you happier, healthier, and more invigorated. With the touch of a button or your voice, craft the perfect atmosphere for your lifestyle. 

Are you looking to add smart technology to your home in Orange County or elsewhere in California? Continue reading to discover how Control4 lets you get creative and customize the way you use automation. 

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Whether you are working on a luxury home theater, whole-home audio, or complete outdoor entertainment systems, our projects demand both a dedication to detail and a passion for providing an impactful technology experience. AUDIOVISIONS delivers industry leading technologies to clients by providing a work environment that creates the opportunity for our talented teams to do their best work. 

As a premier integrator, we work with exclusive brands like Savant, Crestron, Control4, Millson and Ketra; always leading the industry on what is possible. For over 32 years, we have remained loyal to both our clients and employees. As our teams across California continue to grow, we are looking for talented individuals who recognize we can all achieve more when we work together.

Are you excited about partnering with a company that provides generous benefits, 401k match opportunities, and profit-sharing bonuses, all while getting to play with the best technology available? Explore the possibilities of joining our teams in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Palm Desert areas.

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How to Create A Sensational In-House Movie Theater


3 Essential Technologies for Your Home Theater Installation Project

Movie theaters are overrated. That may sound like a negative way to start an article, but sometimes, the truth hurts. First, the pros. When you go to see a movie, you enjoy a range of pleasures: the big screen, surround sound, the lighting and ambiance, plush theater seating, and snacks. That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

Now, the cons. Even the best experience pales in comparison to watching a movie in your own California home. When you have a movie theater in your house, you avoid the crowds, the inflated ticket prices, the traffic, and the wait time. So, you enjoy all the positives without the negatives! But how can you make this happen? Keep reading to discover the three must-have technologies you need for your home theater in San Francisco, CA.

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Build Your Wireless Home Theater with Sonos Surround Sound


Flexible and Easy-to-Assemble Options from Sonos 

We usually advise homeowners to wire their loudspeakers and subwoofer rather than use wireless speakers. Why? Wired systems are generally more reliable, sound better, and aren’t at the mercy of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. 

But in some circumstances, a wireless home theater makes more sense. Wireless sound systems are neater (no tangle of cables) and easier to assemble in existing homes. Wireless speakers are also more flexible for those who may want to start small, frequently move, or rent their San Francisco, CA home. 

So, if you’re planning to use wireless speakers, make sure you choose a quality brand and incorporate enough devices to create a full soundscape. At AUDIOVISIONS, we recommend Sonos for wireless sound systems, thanks to their wireless syncing technology and impressive sound. Read on to discover how Sonos wireless speakers work and how to connect them in your private cinema

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Multi-Channel Audio: The Key to an Impressive Home Theater


Why Multi-Channel Surround Sound Is a Must-Have for Home Theaters  

Whether you’re following a Hobbit’s journey in Lord of the Rings or watching a ‘90s rom-com, in a home theater, you want to be immersed in the audio and visuals.

And how do you create immersion? Some folks set up two computer speakers at either side of the room and call that ‘surround sound.’ Or they use a soundbar that promises ‘3D sound.’ We’re here to say—that’s not surround sound!

If you want to experience sound mixing and editing like the filmmakers intended, you’ll need a multi-channel home theater, not a 2-channel audio system. What does that mean? We’ll explain all you’ll need to build the best surround sound system below.

As a home theater installer that serves Orange County and the entire state of California, we promise you’ll find a Hollywood-level theater when you partner with us.

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Your Guide to Wireless Home Theater Systems


We Answer Your Wireless Surround Sound FAQs   

Are you ready to build a high-end home theater? Or perhaps you want to upgrade the audio in your living room or media room. Whether you’re dreaming up a classic Hollywood-style theater or a modest flatscreen setup, a surround sound system delivers the rich, immersive audio that every movie and TV buff desires.  

Wired speakers are standard for most home cinemas. But if you’re looking for a different solution, a wireless home theater system is another option. We share all you need to know about wireless speakers in your Palm Desert, CA home below.   


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5 Mistakes to Avoid in a Home Theater Design


A Home Theater Is No Small Project. Enjoy the Best-of-the-Best Audio & Video with These Tips.   

With more movies being released in 4K and new films available for streaming faster than ever, there’s never been a better time to build a home theater. If you’re ready to upgrade your entertainment with wow-worthy visuals, lighting, and speakers, you can create an experience that outshines the local cinema. 

At AUDIOVISIONS, we provide home theater design and installation services across California. If you’re considering a DIY approach, there are many potential missteps to look out for. Make sure you avoid the following theater mistakes in your Orange County home.  

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