Create a Beautiful, Safe Space with Remote Lighting Control

A well-lit kitchen with unique light fixtures.

Smart Lighting Transforms Your Home and How You Manage It

There was a time when our ancestors rose with the sunrise and retired when darkness fell. Today, thanks to our home’s lighting, we live a 24-7 lifestyle, sometimes rising before dawn and often heading to bed late into the night. During that time, we turn our lights on and off countless times. Or, we forget and return to a brightly lit home that our dog truly appreciated. 

There is, however, a better way. With smart remote lighting control, you can glance at your user-friendly home automation platform on a touchscreen or mobile device and see what lights are on. Then, one tap can turn off unneeded lights or switch off every light for movie night. Now, control of your lights is in the palm of your hand—whether relaxing on the couch or on a trip halfway around the world. 

Let’s explore smart lighting control and how it’s enhancing our clients’ everyday lives in Malibu, CA, and the entire state.

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Are You Walking On Sunshine?

A dining room and living room showcasing multiple types of light fixtures.

Circadian Lighting Improves Your Productivity During the Day and Recovery at Night 

Remote work has become an aspect of everyday life over the past few years. When you live in Beverly Hills, CA, there is nothing like working from the comfort and luxury of your home. 

At AUDIOVISIONS, we are all about integrating technology systems and automation into the lives of our clients across California. From AV systems to security and access control, our passion comes from helping you enhance every space you inhabit.

When it comes to productivity, there is nothing like natural sunlight to get you in the right state of mind. That’s why we provide circadian lighting design and installation from industry-leading brands as part of our line of services.

Read on to learn how professionally-installed circadian lighting improves your productivity during the day and helps you recover at night.

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Use Smart Home Automation to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

claw foot bathtub and a comfortable looking chair in front of three large windows on which the shades have been mostly drawn.

One of the lesser-touted benefits of smart home automation is that it can help you decrease your environmental impact. Protecting the environment is a concept we should all be able to get behind. The less energy we use, the less negative impact we have on the world around us.

Thankfully, smart home automation makes it possible for you to reduce the size of your carbon footprint without giving up any of the comfort or luxury you have become accustomed to in your Los Angeles, CA home. Keep reading to discover the energy-saving benefits of living in a smart home. 

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Home with Smart Lighting Design

People sitting on couches around a coffee table, drinking and laughing.

Boost security, comfort, and aesthetics of your home with advanced lighting solutions

How are you using the lights in your home? It sounds like an odd question. You’d certainly get odd looks if you asked it 50 years ago. That’s because home lighting was used for one purpose: to brighten a home when the sun went down. But now, it’s a fair question to ask because today’s lighting solutions do much more than brighten a room. 

By working with professionals, you can achieve a smart lighting design that enhances your home and your lifestyle. Read on to discover how professional lighting solutions make a noticeable and refreshing difference in your home in Santa Barbara, CA. 

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