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Tunable Lighting: The Importance of Color Temperature & Brightness

A modern kitchen with two wine glasses on the counter. Tunable lighting is set to a warm shade of white.

How Smart Lighting Can Influence the Way Your Home Feels 

Have you ever walked into a well-lit café or store and instantly felt happy to be there? You’re not the only one. Studies have found a correlation between light conditions and our emotions, showing that light can both positively and negatively impact our moods. After all, we’ve all noticed how gloomy it can feel during the darkest winter months.  

Knowing this, does the lighting in your house influence how you feel, too? 

As it turns out, your light bulbs’ brightness and color temperature can significantly affect your home's atmosphere and even the way walls, furniture, and artwork appear. If you’re illuminating your home with improper bulbs, it could negatively impact your environment and wellbeing

Many people use any light bulbs they can find, resulting in a mismatched collection of warm and cool lights. But there’s a new way to approach home lighting. Smart solutions like Ketra LEDs allow you to automate lights for an experience called tunable lighting

In this article, we’ll share all you need to know about tunable lighting, brightness and color settings, and how they can enhance your home in Beverly Hills and elsewhere in California. 

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