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Enhancing Your Home's Illumination with Lighting Automation

A master bathroom with soft golden ceiling lighting, various light fixtures, a TV, and in-ceiling speakers.

Enjoy Effortless Living, Beauty, and Wellness

Have you purchased one of the many smart light bulbs only to find it's not responding? You open the app, select a beautiful blue color, and sit in darkness. Don't feel alone; there are many reasons why technology fails us. In this case, it could be your home Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth connection, or the bulb itself. 

And that depiction is, in part, why AUDIOVISIONS was born. We love technology; some would say it runs in our blood after 35 years in the field. But what we love more is sharing our passion, creating smart homes and lighting automation systems that bring effortless living, beauty, and wellness instead of frustration. 

Let's explore lighting automation and how it's transforming homes in Malibu and across California.

Ketra Light Automation for Improved Well-Being

Ketra Light Automation for Improved Well-Being

You’ll feel good about this innovative lighting system in your home

The location and architecture of your home are not the only things that make it a dream home. “Dreamy” light is also an important part of it! And we’re not talking just about fixtures. Light automation involves design, color, and control. So, do you have the right light and control in your Malibu, CA home? 

In 2022, home automation has become the epitome of luxury home comfort. But while home automation systems bring comfort and ease, light automation also offers incredible benefits. Read on to find the top three advantages of lighting control and how Ketra plays a part in your indoor comfort. 

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