How to Create A Sensational In-House Movie Theater


3 Essential Technologies for Your Home Theater Installation Project

Movie theaters are overrated. That may sound like a negative way to start an article, but sometimes, the truth hurts. First, the pros. When you go to see a movie, you enjoy a range of pleasures: the big screen, surround sound, the lighting and ambiance, plush theater seating, and snacks. That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

Now, the cons. Even the best experience pales in comparison to watching a movie in your own California home. When you have a movie theater in your house, you avoid the crowds, the inflated ticket prices, the traffic, and the wait time. So, you enjoy all the positives without the negatives! But how can you make this happen? Keep reading to discover the three must-have technologies you need for your home theater in San Francisco, CA.

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1. Front and Center: The Big Screen

Who says you have to watch a movie on your living room TV? That’s for casual viewing. If you really want to enjoy the movie theater experience in your house, take the fun to your private cinema. Home theater TVs come in a range of large sizes, such as 85”, 100”, or 200” diagonally, like Samsung’s The Wall. No matter how small or big your space, there’s a perfect video display for it.

Or, if you want something even bigger than a TV, try a high lumens projector that casts an incredibly life-like and huge image on your screen. Today’s ultra-high definition 4K TVs and projectors (with HDR) display the most vibrant images, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

2. Incredible Audio: Immersive Surround Sound

If you’ve got a soundbar in your home theater, take it out and put it somewhere else. While high-end soundbars offer fantastic audio for certain spaces, using one in your home theater is not the best choice if you want surround sound. You want to feel like you’re immersed in the audio, dialogue, and sound effects. Only a surround sound system achieves that.

Therefore, a 5.1 setup is the minimum you should settle for, but the more speakers, the merrier! For instance, a 9.1.2 setup means you have 9 main speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 2 upward firing or ceiling speakers (for added effect). Then, instead of the sound coming from one source (i.e., a soundbar or TV speakers), it’s all around you – a 3D auditory experience.

3. Theater Ambiance: Lights & Décor  

Certainly, the big screen and surround-sound system take center stage in your home theater. But they aren’t the only features that help to turn your room into a stunning cinematic space. A Lutron lighting control system ensures a home movie theater that really looks the part. Wall sconces, recessed lighting, fiberoptic floor lighting, and even star ceilings make your home theater look magical – much better than the movie theaters!

Your dedicated home theater also needs to be creatively designed with custom wall décor, chic flooring, luxury seats, elegant acoustic paneling, and much more. Then, when you step foot into your home theater, it doesn’t look like another room in your house – but a separate entertainment space altogether.

Avoid the movie theater and create the perfect cinematic space in your house. Call AUDIOVISIONS at (800) 426-0277 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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