Your Guide to Wireless Home Theater Systems


We Answer Your Wireless Surround Sound FAQs   

Are you ready to build a high-end home theater? Or perhaps you want to upgrade the audio in your living room or media room. Whether you’re dreaming up a classic Hollywood-style theater or a modest flatscreen setup, a surround sound system delivers the rich, immersive audio that every movie and TV buff desires.  

Wired speakers are standard for most home cinemas. But if you’re looking for a different solution, a wireless home theater system is another option. We share all you need to know about wireless speakers in your Palm Desert, CA home below.   


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Why Should I Go Wireless?  

Surround sound speakers typically use cables to connect to an AV receiver or amplifier. But if you don’t want five, six, or seven wires snaking across the room, a wireless system is a convenient choice. Wireless speakers will make your home theater more flexible and easier to move, and you won’t have to find creative ways to disguise cables.   


Can You Really Eliminate All Wires?  

No, not exactly. While wireless speakers don’t need wires to connect to the amplifier, you’ll still need to connect to power outlets. The only way to go completely wire-free would be through portable Bluetooth speakers, which we do not recommend.   


Why Shouldn’t I Use Bluetooth Speakers?  

Bluetooth’s wireless technology cannot stream the number of audio channels required for even a 5.1 system. Even if Bluetooth could support several channels, the data would need to be compressed before transmission, reducing the sound quality. Bluetooth also suffers from range issues, and other technology signals could interfere.  


What Wireless Speakers Should I Use?  

Bowers & Wilkins manufactures sleek, ultra-premium speakers that are wireless, easy to assemble, and offer incredibly detailed audio. Once plugged in, the speakers immediately recognize each other and sync from speaker to speaker. The speakers connect over Wi-Fi with a patented mesh network that provides less than a single microsecond sync between devices. That way, your surround sound speakers will always be in perfect harmony.  

Sonos is another popular brand for wireless theater systems. Their audio quality is slightly less high-end, but they still deliver stellar sound over Wi-Fi. Sonos speakers are also easy to sync together over the Sonos app.  


What Do 5.1 and 7.1 Mean?  

When describing surround sound systems, we use two numbers to explain how many speakers and subwoofers are included. The first digit represents the number of loudspeakers, and the second number describes how many subwoofers there are. For example, a 5.1 system includes five speakers and one subwoofer. In 7.1 setups, we add two rear speakers, making it seven speakers and one subwoofer.  


If you’re ready to embark on a new surround sound system, and if you think wireless is the way to go, you’ll find everything you need at AUDIOVISIONS in Palm Desert, CA. We design and install complete home theater systems and are available to answer any of your questions.  

Contact us here to get started on your home theater today!  

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