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Luxurious Control4 Automation Ideas to Try at Home


Add Serenity & Simplicity to Your California Lifestyle 

Why do we wait for vacations and getaways to truly relax and unwind? It shouldn’t take a wellness retreat to escape the stresses at home. What if your house could feel as luxurious and calming as a hotel or spa? 

With Control4 automation, your home’s systems proactively respond to your everyday needs, adding little perks throughout your day. Imagine soothing music playing over whole-home audio or rooms automatically set to the perfect temperature. To bring luxury and wellness to your Santa Monica, CA home, get inspired by our Control4 ideas below.

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Let Music Soothe Your Soul 

Step inside your house, and a wall keypad is waiting for you to transform the mood. With one touch of a button, audio starts streaming over multi-room in-wall speakers, whether it’s your favorite playlist or can’t-miss podcast. Your spirits lift instantly, whether you’re about to start dinner or help the kids with homework. 

Control4 also lets you activate custom scenes right at the entrance with specific door lock codes. For example, if a family member enters their code, Control4 will turn on select lights and queue up a particular TV channel or playlist, volume set to the perfect level.


Warmth & Cool Air, Just When You Need It 

There’s nothing like a warm, comfy towel after a bath or shower! With Control4, heated towel racks kick in at a specified time, so they’re always ready for your morning or evening showers.

Make that shower even cozier with automated floor heating. A remote temperature sensor can sense if it’s chilly in the morning and then turn on the master bathroom’s floor switch. Then your home’s heating and cooling powers off by 9:30, so you don’t accidentally waste energy.


Serene Morning Routine 

Control4 schedules your motorized shades and drapes to open and close based on the position of the sun. A “Wake-up” scene may softly open your curtains, welcoming the sunrise, and gradually raise lighting over five minutes. Your house will be set to your preferred temperature, too, helping to start the day.


Say the Magic Words 

Tell your voice assistant, “Good morning,” and the lights will gradually shift on from the bedroom to the kitchen while mellow music plays over whole-home speakers. Control4 is compatible with voice assistants like, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant, letting you control audio, video, security, and essentially any device hands-free. 


Cozy Nights at Home 

Bright, cool lighting feels unsettling after dark. Bring the atmosphere of a candlelit dinner or campfire to your entire house with tunable lighting. Your Control4 system automatically dims lights and transforms the color temperature to a warm, golden tint, enhancing the atmosphere every evening. 


Where to Find Control4 in California 

Whether you’re moving into a new home or retrofitting your existing residence, AUDIOVISIONS is a certified Control4 dealer and smart home installer. We can sync and program all of your devices across multiple properties to connect to one intuitive control system. 

We provide service to homes and businesses across the entire state of California. Contact us here to get started

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