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The Best Voice Assistant for Smart Homes? Meet

20_10_13_Josh_AI_3046-1 Understands Natural Language for Voice-Controlled Home Automation  

Want to go hands-free in your California smart home? Imagine as you hurry out of the house, telling your voice assistant, “Turn off the lights!” and instantly, your home responds. Smart systems like Crestron and Savant are compatible with a variety of voice assistants. But which is best?  

You’ve heard of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, which can all be used for home automation with special programming. But they weren’t built specifically for home control, and often their capabilities fall short., a newcomer in the market, was made for home automation, and the advantages are hard to ignore. is a game-changer for voice-controlled home automation with its natural language processing and built-in privacy features. At AUDIOVISIONS, design and install smart home systems across the state of California. Read on to see how can enhance your daily life in Palm Desert, CA.   

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AUDIOVISIONS: A Personalized Home, a Luxurious Living Experience

A luxurious home with a beautiful smart lighting design and an elegant outdoor lounge.

Discover How We Can Create a Superior Lifestyle with Our Smart Home Automation Technology

What does it take to create a home where every room is designed to provide unique life experiences? A home where you can find absolute beauty and elegance even in everyday activities? A home that can turn the mundane into the extraordinary? Though it seems like a dream, it is entirely possible to enjoy the utmost luxurious lifestyle when you work with the right technology experts to integrate cutting-edge smart home automation solutions. 

AUDIOVISIONS has been transforming the lifestyles of homeowners in Santa Barbara, CA, for more than 30 years. In all that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating exceptional homes for exceptional people. Keep reading this blog to discover why we’re the perfect team to bring comfort, beauty, and luxury to your life.

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Are Home Automation Installations Really Worth It?

A luxurious living room with smart lights and an AV setup.

Discover How a Smart Home Can Boost Your Lifestyle!

What does the lifestyle of your dreams look like? For many homeowners in Los Angeles, CA, it requires a fair amount of luxury, sophistication, and refined simplicity. One of the best ways to bring all these qualities into your home is by incorporating a high-end home automation installation, especially if it’s designed by a professional company with over 30 years of experience, such as AUDIOVISIONS. 

In this blog, we’ll explore a few ways home automation can elevate your lifestyle—take a look!

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Live in Ultimate Luxury with Smart Home Automation

Live in Ultimate Luxury with Smart Home Automation

Discover How a Home Control System Responds to You and Enhances Every Moment 

Smart home automation is more than the latest product unveiled at CES. A professionally designed and installed system offers you the luxury and convenience of having an environment personalized to your lifestyle.

Whether it is the thrill of watching movies in an immersive home theater or enjoying the perfect temperature throughout the home, you need a certified and experienced company from the start. Our award-winning design team and expert technicians don't push cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we make it our first priority to listen to you. Once we understand how you live, your expectations, and your desires, we build a system that focuses on you. 

Are you interested in exploring the possibilities for your home in Santa Monica or anywhere in California? Keep reading below to learn more. 

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Whether you are working on a luxury home theater, whole-home audio, or complete outdoor entertainment systems, our projects demand both a dedication to detail and a passion for providing an impactful technology experience. AUDIOVISIONS delivers industry leading technologies to clients by providing a work environment that creates the opportunity for our talented teams to do their best work. 

As a premier integrator, we work with exclusive brands like Savant, Crestron, Control4, Millson and Ketra; always leading the industry on what is possible. For over 32 years, we have remained loyal to both our clients and employees. As our teams across California continue to grow, we are looking for talented individuals who recognize we can all achieve more when we work together.

Are you excited about partnering with a company that provides generous benefits, 401k match opportunities, and profit-sharing bonuses, all while getting to play with the best technology available? Explore the possibilities of joining our teams in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Palm Desert areas.

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Want to Make Your Home Smarter? Savant Is the Smart Choice


Unlock Your Home’s Potential by Upgrading to Integrated Control Technology 

Who doesn’t want to be waited on hand and foot? That’s what you get when vacationing at a high-end, luxury resort. Before you even arrive, everything is ready for you, and during your stay, the staff is at your beck and call. It doesn’t need to be any different at your home in San Francisco, CA. A smart home automation system from Savant puts all integrated control technology at your fingertips – just like you’re on vacation! 

Whether you own a multi-room mansion on a spacious property or a luxury home in the city, you can have complete, one-touch control of the lights, motorized shades, audio-video systems, home security, and everything else. Keep reading to see how Savant makes your life even more luxurious.  

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