A Control4 Audio System Redefines the Home Audio Experience


Enjoy High-Performing Sound Throughout Your Home and Into Your Yard 

Have you ever been to a high-end theater or concert event and felt the music surround you? At this level of performance, it's much more than hearing the music; it's feeling it envelop you, taking you to inspired places filled with intense energy or a peaceful oasis.

Once you’ve experienced this type of sound quality, you never forget it. What if you could enjoy this same feeling in your San Francisco, CA home? With Control4 home audio systems, you can.

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Music That Moves You

The secret to high-performance sound is the quality of the speakers and the installation. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers placed to create a dome of sound leave the listener feeling as if they’ve been transported. At AUDIOVISIONS, our certified technicians meticulously install speakers in the perfect locations and then expertly calibrate each one.

For those who want to keep their home design uncluttered, we'll install architectural speakers that blend in with the home's design or hide behind walls and ceilings. Customized Triad speakers can match any paint finishes or create a warm feeling with over 20 real wood veneer options. 

Suppose you'd like to make a big, bold statement in your media or entertainment room. In that case, we can also install stately floor-standing speakers and create custom acoustic treatments to neutralize any ambient noise. 

In 2017, Control4 acquired Triad Speakers, a leader in high-end speakers and advanced audio technology. With a broad product line, they have just the right speaker for soundbars, multi-room audio, and home theaters

Outdoor Entertainment

Imagine walking through your home and hearing your favorite tunes follow you as you head out to the outdoor area to entertain friends, do some gardening, or swim a few laps. Triad's outdoor satellite speakers and above or below-ground subwoofers, correctly installed, can deliver the same immersive sound. In addition, due to ultra-wide dispersion drivers, you experience even coverage throughout your yard or estate grounds—no hot spots or soft muted tones. 

Total Control

Control4’s Audio Matrix Switch allows up to 16 stereo audio sources and creates 16 different zones. This means that, while you can have the same streaming music echoing through your home and into the yard, you can also have different audio playing from various sources in every room. 

Each family member can enjoy their own audio choices at the volume, bass, and treble level that best suits their listening pleasure. For example, one may enjoy streaming TIDAL or Pandora playlists in their bedroom, while another listens to their favorite podcast in the office. Yet another brings their video game to life through the whole home audio system in the media room. 

Combined With Home Automation

When combined with the Control4 home automation system, you control your whole home audio from one easy-to-use interface, whether through your smartphone, in-wall touchscreens, or designer keypads. You can even use Josh.ai to go hands-free and speak your preferences.

If you enjoy regular entertaining or certain music during dinner, Control4 can help you set the perfect scene. With one touch or a voice command, your favorite music starts to play, the lights transform to the ideal hue and intensity, the landscape lights illuminate the garden and walkways, and your outdoor firepit ignites. That’s the magic of Control4 home audio and automation. 

Since 1989, AUDIOVISIONS has been designing and installing custom home audio and automation systems. Today, we’re one of the largest luxury technology integration firms serving California, combining the resources of a state-wide firm with dedicated, exceptional service and a commitment to serving our clients for life. To learn more about whole-home audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AUDIOVISIONS today. 

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