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High-Performance Sound Made for Luxury Homes

Add the joy of music to every corner of your residence or business with discreet, custom solutions from Sonance that match any décor or application.


High-Performance Sound Made for Luxury Homes

Add the joy of music to every corner of your residence or business with discreet, custom solutions from Sonance that match any décor or application.


Sonance enterprise-grade commercial loudspeakers are up to the challenge for any application. Their commercial solutions are installed in thousands of flagship locations worldwide, from Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. luxury boutiques to high-energy Orangetheory Fitness gyms. Deploying industry-leading architectural audio design and knowledge of global construction methods and codes, Sonance is squarely at the forefront of commercial sound.
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Professional Perfection

Never settle for second best when it comes to your business.



Deliver the ultimate sound quality to your place of business without sacrificing aesthetics with the Professional Series featuring in-ceiling, pendant and surface mount speakers available in 70V, 100V and 8 Ohm varieties fit for any application.



Craft an invisible soundscape with Sonance’s award-winning Invisible Series Speakers. Optimal for high-end installations where style is king and quality is paramount, these speakers are used by high-couture boutiques worldwide.



Revamp your outdoor spaces with Sonance landscape speakers and subwoofers that blend seamlessly with your foliage. Deploy integrated sound systems to play music, broadcast announcements or even bolster security alarms.



In resorts, theme parks, pool areas or gardens, you’ll want to upgrade to omnidirectional speakers that don’t rely on reflection. Not only do these 70V speakers deliver crisp, natural music in all directions, but they’re easy to configure and install.



Get the most out of your distributed audio solution with Sonance Digital and DSM amplifiers which bolster your speaker performance while boasting 93% energy efficiency.

    Majik DSM

    The three-in-one audio solution serves as a network music player, pre-amp and power amp. Access your favorite video and audio streaming services or connect your cable box or gaming console for comprehensive, high-performance entertainment.


    Never settle for cookie-cutter quality with fully customizable LP12 turntables that have been at the pinnacle of the industry for decades. Enjoy unprecedented vinyl reproduction with their precision-engineering, modular designs, and masterfully crafted components.

    Network Music Players

    Access all your favorite streaming services or personal collections in high-res quality throughout your house through Linn’s award-winning network music players. You’ll enjoy world-class audio in any environment with integrated space optimization.


    Sonance, the standard-bearer for outdoor sound solutions, offers five speaker lines ideal for residential or commercial applications. Optimized with triple-sealed enclosures, 70V and 100V systems and built-in scalability, Sonance outdoor speakers deliver crisp, blended sound for your patio, pool or garden with the necessary power to overcome ambient noise. Connect them to your existing home audio system to enjoy your favorite artists and albums at the press of a button.
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    Limitless Sound

    Tune the outdoors to your favorite soundtrack with high-performance speakers that blend with their surroundings while delivering stellar sound quality.


    Add a spark to your backyard with SLS satellite speakers that are as powerful as they are flexible. The Landscape series features speakers and subwoofers that camouflage with their surroundings and deliver even coverage throughout the space.


    The OMNI-6T features a 2-way design with one high-excursion subwoofer and four wideband drivers for 360-degree coverage with unprecedented frequency response. Hotel pools, gardens, outdoor shopping malls or theme parks opt for this powerful, omnidirectional option.


    Enjoy exceptional sound quality and ultimate ease-of-installation with the Garden Series, which features eight satellite speakers and one subwoofer, ideal for spaces up to 3,500 feet. Leverage wide dispersion grills and adjustable mounting knuckles to get the perfect coverage every time.


    Outfit your patio with a surround sound environment with this 4.1 speaker system that includes an in-ground subwoofer. Add ambiance to your fire pits, outdoor dining areas or the hot tub with the Patio Series that provides coverage for up to 1,000 square feet.

    Rocks, Mariners
    and Extremes

    Design a diverse sound solution by moving beyond traditional landscape speakers. Choose rock speakers in brown and granite finishes to blend with surroundings. Add wall-mounted mariner speakers available in black and white for your patio or opt for a more subtle approach with in-ceiling Extremes.

    In-Wall / In-Ceiling

    Design a sonic solution that blends with your décor from the company that revolutionized custom architectural installations. Sonance offers five distinct in-wall/in-ceiling lines, from the discreet to the completely invisible. Complement your interiors while filling them with audiophile-grade sound that won’t leak into surrounding rooms.
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    Merging Sound & Style

    Made to camouflage entirely with their surroundings, architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver high-fidelity sound without disrupting your unique décor.



    New Invisible Series

    New Invisible Series speakers feature Motion Flex technology for a more reliable sound and an Air Flex Drive Unit that allows for standout highs and robust lows. A simple step-by-step installation process results in a perfectly flush finish every time.

    Legacy Invisible Series

    Each Invisible Series speaker is installed into the wall and ceiling, then finished over with the surrounding surface, allowing speakers to disappear from view altogether. Designed for any environment, they can be covered over by wallpaper, paint or wood veneer.

    Architectural Series

    High-performance architectural speakers lay flush against the ceiling with bezel-less grilles to blend seamlessly with the surrounding area. Install them to match surrounding downlights for minimal visibility while enjoying uniform sound throughout the room.

    Visual Performance Series

    Match your style with the Visual Performance Series boasting award-winning low-profile grilles that can be painted to blend with walls and ceilings. Achieve the perfect look and sound with models available in different shapes, sizes and performance levels.

    C Series

    Not only do C Series speakers deliver unprecedented performance and value, but they also retain the elegant aesthetics of Sonance’s other architectural lines. Deploy them efficiently in retrofit solutions with RotoLock that allows for quick mounting in existing ceilings.
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