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AUDIOVISIONS is celebrating 35 years of delivering 'technology for life' since 1989!

Feeling Frustrated with Flat Sound? Let Wisdom Audio Reveal the Depths of Your Listening Potential.

Discover a world of audio excellence with AUDIOVISIONS, your trusted Wisdom Audio dealer serving Orange County, Palm Desert, Northern California and Los Angeles–  where the pristine clarity and unmatched precision of our solutions redefines your experience with music and movies.


Indulge in the ultimate auditory journey with Wisdom Audio’s in-wall speakers, designed to preserve your living space's aesthetic while delivering superior sound. Whether it's sophisticated loudspeakers for home cinema systems, distributed audio,  or private listening rooms, discover the ideal technology to enhance your refined spaces in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California.


Explore our selection of swift and precise speakers that deliver every nuance of your audio, transforming your listening experience.

Insight Series

Experience high-resolution sound with minimal distortion and superior dynamic range, ensuring perfect sound at any volume. These sleek, sophisticated speakers integrate seamlessly into your California home décor, embodying elegance in both form and function.

Sage Cinema Series

Ideal for high-end multi-purpose media rooms and private cinemas, this loudspeaker series remains discreetly concealed behind screens and fabrics, crafting an immersive audio environment that can be heard, not seen.

Wisdom Series

Unveil the exceptional performance of the Wisdom series, engineered to distribute detailed sound evenly across large modern spaces, ensuring every seat is the best seat in the house.

Sage Series

Achieve unmatched audio clarity with powerful woofers that eliminate floor and ceiling reflections, all while maintaining your California space’s elegant design.


Feel the impact of precise low-frequency sound in even the smallest spaces, with a subwoofer that maintains a minimal appearance yet delivers astounding performance.

    Benefits of
    In-Wall Speakers

    Space Optimization

    Designed to be incorporated directly into the wall, these speakers free up valuable floor space while adding a touch of elegance to your California home's décor, blending seamlessly into the environment without compromising on quality.

    Enhanced Aesthetics

    Achieve auditory excellence without disrupting your room’s aesthetics. Our in-wall speakers can be painted or customized to merge flawlessly with your walls, offering a discreet yet stylish solution to home audio.


    Carefully embedded within the walls, these speakers provide a balanced sound distribution that enhances the acoustic experience, minimizing sound reflection and resonance issues.

      On-Wall Speakers

      Dive into exceptional sound with these unique speakers, built to keep your California spaces sleek while delivering detailed sound performance.


      Immerse yourself in an unmatched auditory experience with this series of speakers.

      Insight Series

      Embrace high-resolution audio with a speaker that mounts effortlessly on your walls, blending beautifully into your living spaces.

      Sage Series

      Enjoy exquisite sound quality with a speaker that adapts to your room’s aesthetics, enhancing both its sound and appearance.

      Wisdom Series

      Introduce the ultimate audio experience into your California home with a speaker engineered to minimize reflections and provide precise sound imaging and low distortion.

        Benefits of On-Wall Speakers

        Versatile Placement

        Easily mount these speakers on various surfaces to achieve optimal sound quality and visual integration, enhancing both the acoustic and aesthetic aspects of your rooms.

        Easy Installation and Maintenance

        These speakers offer a simple installation and maintenance, ideal for enhancing your audio system without the need for extensive and invasive renovations.

        Enhanced Audio Fidelity

        Crafted to deliver superior, high-performance sound while maintaining a compact profile, these speakers boost bass response and mid-range clarity for a better listening experience.

          In-Ceiling Speakers

          Transform any room of your California home into a hub of immersive audio with our in-ceiling speakers that preserve both your space’s beauty and performance, satisfying even the most demanding audiophile.


          Maximize every sound detail with ceiling-mounted speakers that deliver perfectly clear audio.


          Compact and elegantly designed, the Insight series iCI6 elevates your audio experience to high-definition, blending seamlessly with your sophisticated décor.

          SAGE SERIES iCS7a

          Fulfill your home entertainment dreams with a speaker that delivers detailed, high-fidelity sound while enhancing your room’s aesthetic.

          Sage Cinema Series

          Immerse yourself in your favorite films and shows with this versatile speaker line, designed as a home theater speaker, for an enveloping audio experience.


          Experience powerful, precise bass in small spaces with subwoofers designed for minimal visual impact but maximum audio impact.

            Benefits of In-Ceiling Speakers

            Sleek and Unobtrusive Design

            Installed flush with your ceiling, these speakers offer a sleek, unobtrusive audio solution, maintaining a pristine aesthetic while enveloping you in high-quality sound.

            Optimal Sound Dispersion

            Positioned overhead, our speakers ensure sound is evenly dispersed across the room, creating an encompassing audio environment and minimizing sound reflection issues.

            Maximized Floor Space

            Incorporate your audio system into the ceiling to enhance room functionality and aesthetics, providing more freedom to design and enjoy your living spaces
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