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AUDIOVISIONS is celebrating 35 years of delivering 'technology for life' since 1989!


Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first class client experience.

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At AUDIOVISIONS, we’re passionate about shaping technology that responds to our customers’ needs. If you like new ideas, challenges, and working with a tight-knit group, we want to hear from you. We’re always looking for dedicated, creative people to make our company even better.

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Kristy M.

My personal experience to make the move up to AUDIOVISIONS has been nothing but a step in the right direction in so many ways. As a Sales person coming from a company where I was limited on what I could sell to the industry (Motorized Shading), to now having so many resources at my fingertips to offer to long standing clients and now new clients that I would have never had the opportunity to. Not only has this been a boost in my income, but also a way that I keep growing as a person and learning all aspects of the A/V Industry. And last, I truly have never met so many intelligent people within one company. It only makes my job easier to have a full team of Engineers to deliver the promises I make to our clients. I could not do my job without this team. AUDIOVISIONS is truly the A TEAM!

Dave L.

AudioVisions is the first place I have been where I am excited and eager to come to work. We have an incredible team of talented individuals who are all willing to help each other as well as our clients. From the top down, AudioVisions runs on integrity, honesty, and transparency. That has played a pivotal role in our excellent team chemistry. We work on the most sophisticated projects around with extreme precision. The sophistication of our projects provides an opportunity to learn and get better every day. 

The AudioVisions benefit package is outstanding with generous PTO accumulating right away. This plays a large role in work life balance as does having understanding management. We have multiple insurance options and a 401k with a generous match.

I absolutely recommend AudioVisions to anyone that is looking for an exciting and rewarding career.

Gabriel R.

The culture and care at AudioVisions is one of the best I have ever worked in. I’ve been working at AudioVisions as a Technology Advisor for 12 years and I will say that this is probably one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of working for. The foundation and core values that AudioVisions stands for is what makes it unique and special. The administration is always striving to improve processes, procedures and culture as well as providing competitive pay with great benefits for me and my family. I enjoy working with my fellow Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians, Programmers, Accounting and Administrators. The fact that when I attend industry trade shows, conferences and events and when I tell them I work for AudioVisions there is a sense of respect and awe because of the reputation the company has developed over the years, always makes me proud. AudioVisions always makes sure to have fun while being the Best!!

Drew W.

I have worked here for 24 years, and after all these years this is still a great place to work.  I don’t know of any other integration company with owners that are as honest and act with as much integrity as this one.  They have always supported my growth within the company and expanding technical knowledge.  I cannot think of anywhere I’d rather be working.  I also have great coworkers.  I have made many lifelong friends here and hope to keep making friends and delivering high end systems in custom homes and businesses.

Nathan G.

I have been working with this company for over fifteen years now, and I can confidently say that it's the best place I've ever worked. From the outstanding benefits to the supportive team environment, I feel valued and looked after here.

Working with my team has been an incredibly positive experience for me. Everyone is passionate about their work, and there's always someone willing to lend a hand if I need it. I couldn't ask for a better group of colleagues.

I have been continuously impressed by the commitment of this company's leadership team to creating a culture of development and growth for all employees. The training and skills-building opportunities that have been made available have helped me to become more confident in my abilities and better equipped to handle any challenges that arise in my role.

The work-life balance that this company affords its employees is unmatched in my experience. I deeply appreciate the flexible schedules and time-off options that have enabled me to enjoy quality time with my family and maintain my personal commitments outside of work.

Chris K.

I love my job! I work in a supportive and inspiring environment where creativity, teamwork and professional growth is encouraged. I am surrounded by exceptional coworkers who challenge and inspire me to do better work. Our leadership team is thoroughly invested in the success of the individual and the whole team. The company provides great opportunities and benefits. This is a great place to work!

Jeff M.

I have worked here for some time now and I can honestly say the people I work with make all the difference.  Great people working in amazing homes with Top Notch craftsman.  Challenging and fun at the same time. 

Jeff G.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work at AudioVisions. The high-end projects we work on challenge me to grow my skills and knowledge, and I find it incredibly rewarding to be a part of such innovative and exciting work. Additionally, my team members are truly fantastic to work with, and I feel lucky to be a part of such a supportive and collaborative environment.

The consistent pay and reliable benefits that AudioVisions provides also give me peace of mind, knowing that I can focus on my work without having to worry about financial instability. And the generous PTO packages allow me to take time off when I need it, without feeling guilty or worried about missing out on pay.

Overall, I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful company, and I look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and contribute to the AudioVisions team.

Adam M.

One aspect of AudioVisions that has keep me engaged throughput my 16+ years is visibility to our business. From when I started as an entry level position to my current role I’ve had access to all of the same information as my peers and supervisors. From tracking inventory, labor budgets to documentation, everyone has access to the same information. This has helped me grow with the company and be a valuable resource to our team.

Guillermo S.

AudioVisions was recommended to me by a number of trusted colleagues that had worked with me at my previous employer. Every review was glowing, and with a common denominator, specifically the feeling of a family and working with a tight knit group. My experience so far would agree with that statement.

 The interview process was smooth yet detailed, and I could tell that the priority from upper management was to hire somebody that could get a long, personably with the vibe of the company and local office.  The person they were interested in hiring also would have to be skillful and honest.  Glad I could measure up!

 Another thing that stood out to me immediately was the clear direction the business was heading. I could also see that historically the company maintained the right direction, putting the customer first while also balancing employee wellness. 

 As soon as I was hired, Scott and Kris welcomed me with open arms, and every team member I’ve met and worked with since has been not only highly skilled, but positive in attitude and easy to work with.

 I have been with the company for a few months now, and I feel the level of communication is that of what I would have had at a company I’ve been with for years. The projects are great. The clients are good and I’m enjoying the work again whereas before I was loathing having to go to work. 

 I’m looking forward to progressing with the company, growing with the company and being a productive member of the company.

Leona B.

Probably the best reason to work at Audiovisions, is that the values which the team members work by, were honed and cultivated by Mark Hoffenberg, the owner, along with the leadership team in the company.

These values are not just flippant words and phrases, which sound good, but rather attributes that the employees strive for, and, indeed, which are fully incorporated into our day-to-day working situations.

I’ve been working at Audiovisions for over six years, and I’ve rarely heard a harsh word amongst colleagues. Instead, there is an easy banter to foster good communication, a lot of teamwork, a striving for excellence, and the creation of innovations - just a few of the encouraged values.  Employees enjoy many avenues to have their ideas made known, and to create better ways to do their jobs more efficiently.

We have a good work/life balance and good benefits as well, so that, although you will enjoy working here, you also have much paid time off from the company, to avoid any burnout.

Most of the employees enjoy each other’s company, and we have nice events together from time to time, so we can all casually get together.

I hope this testimonial helps you, as you are thinking whether Audiovisions is the company for you, too!

Ryan O.

I’ve worked for AudioVisions for 20 years and still enjoy it every day.  The work we do remains fun and interesting because it’s always changing.  The people here work as a team and accomplish goals together.  The culture is focused on individual growth as much as company growth. In my time at AudioVisions I’ve been able to grow into an engineering role, and then managing operations in Orange County, before becoming Director of Operations.

The management team takes a unique approach with honoring work/life balance, offering mentorship, and building a culture that values teamwork as well as individual strengths.

The company core values run through the team and result in a company that is focused on the right things.

AudioVisions is truly a fun and engaging company to work for with a wonderful team of people.

Scott M.

Want to be a part of the best home technology team?  I do.  And I am.  My career at Audiovisions for the past 15+ years has been exciting and fulfilling!  We work with the most talented, respectful, and fun people in the business and it starts with our strong leadership team and dedicted staff.  Team members take pride in our work and it shows.  Audiovisions takes care of their employees as much as they take care of their most valuable clients by offering great benefits, competitive compensation, and a flexible working environment that is the perfect for me and my family.  I am looking forward to many more years building my career at Audiovisions!

Debbie C.

Audiovisions is by far my favorite employer. I don’t feel that it is actually work. It is more like family. Audiovisions allows me to work a hybrid schedule. However, I enjoy every day that I do come into the office. I look forward to seeing all of my coworkers and hearing what is happening in their world, or on the job site. I am fascinated by what we do as a company and I am eager and excited to learn more every day. I would recommend working at Audiovisions 100%.

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    AUDIOVISIONS is not just a company; it's a collective of innovation and expertise. As a full-service residential and commercial custom electronics design and integration firm, our footprint spans California with offices located in Los Angeles, Orange County, Northern California, and Palm Desert. We reach every corner of the Golden State. Our team is the heartbeat of our success - an assembly of world-class geeks and experts in various domains. Our belief? Everyone deserves a better technology experience; we call this Technology For Life™. Our mission? To deliver the finest solutions and services to our clients. We're a united team who work in harmony to create extraordinary technology solutions aimed at enhancing lives, and we commit to this journey for a lifetime. If you're passionate about innovation, excellence, and making a difference, AUDIOVISIONS is the place for you!
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