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Ketra Lighting: A Truly Transformative Natural Lighting Solution


How Ketra Lighting Control Reveals a Spectrum of Bright Possibilities

The blue skies, the warm sunlight, and the fresh air. Who doesn’t like spending time outside in California when the weather is perfect? Ketra lighting control lets you bring the experience inside. You’ll create a personalized indoor space that works in harmony with nature. The company’s lighting products provide natural light and simple elegance while working seamlessly with your lighting control system.

Best of all, Ketra lights are beautifully designed for your complete comfort. A lighting design that’s focused on your well-being makes all the difference in your day. Read our article below to see why Ketra is the ideal choice for illuminating every room in your Palm Desert, CA, home.


The Natural & Smart Choice for Home Lighting

Let’s add some light to your life – natural light! Since Ketra’s inception more than 10 years ago, the company has been developing lighting products that capture the mesmerizing beauty of natural light. When you have Ketra lights in your home, you’ll never have to settle for one lighting color or brightness level. Instead, they change hue and luminosity based on your preferences or the time of day.

From morning to evening, the lights in your home slowly change with the sun – blending the boundaries between inside and outside. Isn’t that better than flipping a switch and turning on your traditional lights? Ketra lighting, when combined with a smart lighting control system, makes your entire indoor experience enjoyable, personalized, and convenient.


Bring More Color into Your World

Personalization and automation come together with Ketra. Even though the lights can be programmed to operate automatically, you can also take control of the system via your smart home tablet or smartphone app. But, instead of controlling each light individually, set a scene. Do you want a warm amber hue while eating dinner? Program a scene in your smart home tablet, and then select it when dinnertime comes.

If you’re hosting a party, select your preset scene, then the lights dim, change hue, and provide the ambiance you want. No matter the activity, you can light every room according to your specifications with the tap of a button. Choose from any color - 17 million Ketra colors! – and then update the scene from your smartphone or Lutron tablet. It’s easy and fun with endless possibilities. 


Learn how you can customize the lighting in your home with Ketra. Call AUDIOVISIONS or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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