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Are You Walking On Sunshine?

A dining room and living room showcasing multiple types of light fixtures.

Circadian Lighting Improves Your Productivity During the Day and Recovery at Night 

Remote work has become an aspect of everyday life over the past few years. When you live in Beverly Hills, CA, there is nothing like working from the comfort and luxury of your home. 

At AUDIOVISIONS, we are all about integrating technology systems and automation into the lives of our clients across California. From AV systems to security and access control, our passion comes from helping you enhance every space you inhabit.

When it comes to productivity, there is nothing like natural sunlight to get you in the right state of mind. That’s why we provide circadian lighting design and installation from industry-leading brands as part of our line of services.

Read on to learn how professionally-installed circadian lighting improves your productivity during the day and helps you recover at night.

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How Lighting & Shading Improve Your Day – Morning to Evening


Learn How Circadian Lighting & Smart Window Treatments Elevate Your Living Experience  

Artificial light is usually used for one purpose: to help people navigate in their homes when the sun goes down. But natural lighting plays a much bigger role in our lives than that. Just think about it. Natural light isn’t static. It doesn’t maintain the same brightness and hue throughout the day. Instead, it changes, making colors come alive and creating a beautiful visual experience on any landscape. 

Most importantly, natural light promotes health and wellness. It stirs us from sleep, revives us throughout the day, and helps us relax as the afternoon sun turns to a calming amber hue. The good news is you can create the same experience in your Palm Desert, CA home with motorized shades and circadian lighting. Keep reading to see how to do it!  

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