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Create the Perfect Summer Experience with Outdoor Audio

A set of Razor speakers by a luxury pool.

Take Your Summer Fun to New Heights!

What does it take to create the best summer experience? We believe it’s a combination of good company, lively music, and the best that beaches in Malibu, CA, have to offer. No matter what kind of summer activities you prefer, the perfect harmony between those three elements comprise the ideal recipe for an unforgettable summer. At AUDIOVISIONS, we have the right technology and expertise to transform your home into the perfect setting for a dreamy summer experience. 

Outdoor audio solutions have become more than just an amenity; they are a means to create immersive experiences within the comfort of one's backyard. With cutting-edge technology and sophisticated setups, you can elevate any activity outdoors to new heights and create a luxurious space for fun to enjoy with family and friends. Let's explore some of the incredible things you can do in a luxury home with outdoor audio.

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Fill Your Home and Yard with Crystal-Clear Sound

A living area with an in-wall display and in-ceiling speakers looking out over the ocean.

Bring High-Fidelity Audio to Every Corner of Your Home with a Whole-Home Audio System

When you think about it, it's incredible how much we listen to some form of audio throughout the day and how that sound affects us. From the moment we wake up, we turn on our “Good Morning” playlist or the morning news. Then, at the end of the day, we watch the latest blockbuster, tune into our favorite podcast, or relax with a meditation video. 

A minute rarely goes by that we’re not listening to something, and what we listen to affects our mood and emotions. One study found that certain music stimulates the part of the brain that produces dopamine, our “feel good” hormone. No wonder our treasured vinyl collection or playlists are the first things we turn to when we need a lift! 

Now, imagine listening to this audio content fill your home—a crystal clear sound enveloping you and following you wherever you go, from your bedroom, through the living room, and out into the yard. It seems to come from nowhere and yet is everywhere. That is the power of a whole-home audio system. Let’s explore just what these systems offer and how they’re transforming homes in Malibu, CA, and the rest of the state.

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Yes! Luxury Smart Home Systems Can Improve Your Well-Being

Sunlit minimalist modern living room with touchscreen and television looks over semi-wild garden and shoreline.

Sleep Better, Feel Invigorated, And Achieve Peace Of Mind With A Healthier Home

Luxury smart home systems provide conveniences that enhance and improve how you live, work, and play. Technology elevates every moment from a multi-room sound system that motivates and inspires the enjoyment of year-round outdoor entertaining

Your high-end home should furnish you with the best in comfort and pleasure, delivering the feeling of safety and security. While it is clear that eating right, exercising, and avoiding harmful situations promote good health, cutting-edge technologies also help you breathe easier, sleep better, and feel well. 

Are you curious about making your home in Santa Monica or anywhere in California a refuge of well-being? Read below to find out more. 

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Bring Your Backyard to Life With a Complete Outdoor Entertainment System

A speaker for outdoor entertainment placed in a garden bed with soft-focus patio furniture in the background.

Adding Superior Sound and Stunning Video Enhances Your Days and Excites Your Nights

There is something special about escaping the confines of your home. The sun on your face and the breeze through your hair lifts spirits and expands horizons.No matter how many times a day you do it, breaking through the threshold between the interior and exterior always generates an exhilarating rush.

Whether you are moving to the patio for a change of scenery while working or settling in for a bit of meditation, your yard can change your entire outlook. Regardless of your reasons, you don’t have to leave the luxury of your smart home behind. A complete outdoor entertainment system enhances every moment, from parties to solo time in the jacuzzi.

Now is the best time to upgrade your Santa Monica, CA yard. Continue reading below to discover what is possible.

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Living room with ultra-modern decor, white couches looking over ocean view, and high tech media system at the center.


Melody and rhythm have been part of us since the beginning of recorded human history. The oldest known instrument, a flute-like unit, was crafted more than 400,000 years ago. Originally thought to have been used in healing rituals, music still has the power to soothe and invigorate every moment.

Whole-home audio systems completely change how you experience music in your Malibu, CA home. Rather than being confined to one room or lugging around an inadequate-sounding mobile device, the system motivates and inspires across every room.

Are you curious about the possibilities of better music in your smart home? Continue reading below to find out more!

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Enjoy Complete Outdoor Entertainment With Landscape Speakers

Coastal Source landscape speaker nestled between plants in a garden bed.

Fill Your Backyard With Superior Sound That Adds Ambiance and Excitement

The season of barbeques, lazy days by the pool, and enjoying your home's property to its fullest is upon us! Entertaining outside is one of the special privileges of homeownership. The comfort of green grass and the shimmering blue of the pool is the perfect place for family celebrations or relaxing under the stars.

Regardless of the activity, spending time in the open air, free of your home's four walls, makes the drinks more refreshing, the food tastes better, and the music more vibrant. Landscape speakers get you moving, whether you are listening to songs from your curated collection, on the radio, or streaming high-definition platforms. 

Are you curious about how you can elevate your backyard in Santa Monica, CA, or anywhere in the state this summer? Continue reading below to find out how.

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The joys of outdoor living are plentiful in the Malibu, CA area; it is most likely a significant reason you decided to live here. Unlike our neighbors to the north with cold and rain and just below us with humidity and scorching summers, we get to play in the sun year-round.

Entertaining under the sun and stars makes everything better. The drinks are more satisfying, and the food is tastier; add a pool, and the space becomes the ultimate refresher. Installing underwater pool speakers elevates the experience with superior sonics for your parties and exercise routines.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home throughout California? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Create the Perfect Atmosphere in Any Room with Distributed Home Audio


Shape How Your Home Sounds and Feels with Multi-Room Audio 

Audio is an important element of a smart home experience; it fills our rooms with music, entertainment, passion, and information. A distributed home audio system gives you the ability to enjoy the content you want, where you want, anytime. 

The modern home provides you with the once unheard-of ability to instantly access podcasts, radio, audio books, and music from around the globe. When you stream HD formats like MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) songs from TIDAL or FLACC titles from Deezer or Spotify, the audiophile quality should come through, no matter where you are.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your home in Santa Monica, CA, or throughout the state? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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