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Bring Your Backyard to Life With a Complete Outdoor Entertainment System

A speaker for outdoor entertainment placed in a garden bed with soft-focus patio furniture in the background.

Adding Superior Sound and Stunning Video Enhances Your Days and Excites Your Nights

There is something special about escaping the confines of your home. The sun on your face and the breeze through your hair lifts spirits and expands horizons.No matter how many times a day you do it, breaking through the threshold between the interior and exterior always generates an exhilarating rush.

Whether you are moving to the patio for a change of scenery while working or settling in for a bit of meditation, your yard can change your entire outlook. Regardless of your reasons, you don’t have to leave the luxury of your smart home behind. A complete outdoor entertainment system enhances every moment, from parties to solo time in the jacuzzi.

Now is the best time to upgrade your Santa Monica, CA yard. Continue reading below to discover what is possible.

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Enjoy Complete Outdoor Entertainment With Landscape Speakers

Coastal Source landscape speaker nestled between plants in a garden bed.

Fill Your Backyard With Superior Sound That Adds Ambiance and Excitement

The season of barbeques, lazy days by the pool, and enjoying your home's property to its fullest is upon us! Entertaining outside is one of the special privileges of homeownership. The comfort of green grass and the shimmering blue of the pool is the perfect place for family celebrations or relaxing under the stars.

Regardless of the activity, spending time in the open air, free of your home's four walls, makes the drinks more refreshing, the food tastes better, and the music more vibrant. Landscape speakers get you moving, whether you are listening to songs from your curated collection, on the radio, or streaming high-definition platforms. 

Are you curious about how you can elevate your backyard in Santa Monica, CA, or anywhere in the state this summer? Continue reading below to find out how.

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Deliver Pristine Audio Throughout Your Outdoor Space

A beautiful backyard with pool and lounge chairs, and Sonance landscape speakers and subwoofer placed along the perimeter.

Create the Backyard of Your Dreams with the Sound that Envelopes You

We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful state that invites us to spend time in the great outdoors. At AUDIOVISIONS, we’ve had the privilege of creating outdoor entertainment areas and smart homes for our many clients throughout California for over 30 years. An outdoor speaker system is one of the systems that genuinely adds to their enjoyment and use of their outdoor areas.

Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they’ve changed since we first began our quest to provide the ultimate integration of design and technology in Palm Desert, CA, and throughout this great state.

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The joys of outdoor living are plentiful in the Malibu, CA area; it is most likely a significant reason you decided to live here. Unlike our neighbors to the north with cold and rain and just below us with humidity and scorching summers, we get to play in the sun year-round.

Entertaining under the sun and stars makes everything better. The drinks are more satisfying, and the food is tastier; add a pool, and the space becomes the ultimate refresher. Installing underwater pool speakers elevates the experience with superior sonics for your parties and exercise routines.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home throughout California? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Extend Your Living Space with an Outdoor Entertainment System


The Latest Outdoor Audio and Video Technology Delivers Premium Sound and Video

In Southern California, we’re fortunate to enjoy weather that invites us to extend our living spaces, basking in beautiful outdoor entertainment areas that bring family and friends together. Is your outdoor space everything you dream it could be?

At AUDIOVISIONS, we've created homes that define our clients’ dreams throughout California for over 30 years. To accomplish this, we use the latest technology, enhancing their everyday lives while ensuring an easy-to-manage home.

Today’s outdoor audio and video equipment combined with home automation can transform your outdoor space. Let’s explore just what the latest in outdoor entertainment offers homeowners in Santa Monica, CA, and the rest of this great state.

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How to Achieve Perfectly Even Audio Throughout Your Outdoor Space


A Sonance Sound System for Your Patio Creates the Immersive Audio Experience You Need 

Every outdoor occasion needs excellent audio to complement the mood. Whether you are spending peaceful moments on the patio by yourself, grilling out with family, or watching a game with friends on your SunBriteTV, your landscape speaker system should elevate the experience – immersing you in every moment. Sonance outdoor speakers provide surround sound that is even and excellent.  

Make room for more music by letting AUDIOVISIONS install an outdoor sound system for your patio. In this blog, we’ll explain how Sonance speakers achieve the perfect sound you want in Orange County, or wherever you are in California. 

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3 Ways SunBriteTV Improves Outdoor Entertainment


Watch Movies, TV Programs, and Games Any Time of the Day on Your SunBrite Outdoor TV 

California weather is wonderful– almost every day of the year. So, why not make the most of your outdoor experience by adding a SunBrite outdoor TV into the mix? Today’s models by SunBriteTV offer the versatility you need to enjoy a program or movie in the shade, partial sun, or full sun. No image fade or glare – just one amazing crystal-clear picture!  

Are you hosting a cookout or planning a movie night at home in Malibu? Take the fun outside. You, your friends, or your family can enjoy a lively game, watch a movie, or binge-watch a favorite TV show while wading in the pool, lounging on the porch, or hanging out in the yard. Read our blog to learn how a state-of-the-art TV by SunBrite can be a big crowd-pleaser for any occasion.  

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