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What Does Smart Home Living Really Look Like?


From Morning to Evening, Smart Home Automation Improves Your Lifestyle

What makes a home truly smart? Certainly, a smart TV, a few smart light bulbs, or maybe smart appliances provide some level of ease and enjoyment to your day. But what does it mean to have a robust smart home control system? Smart home automation, when fully embraced, gives you complete and seamless control of every connected technology in your home. With power like that, you’ll find that your day-to-day life is truly transformed. 

Below, you will discover the daily delights you can expect when living in a smart home. Read more to learn about the many smart features that are awaiting you and your home in Malibu, CA.  

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Start the Day with Smart Home Automation 

You probably wake up in your California home like most people. As the alarm clock stirs you from sleep, you muster the strength to get out of bed, turn on the bright bedroom lights, and hope you remembered to program the coffee maker. When you live in a smart home, everything is different! With a home automation system from Savant, Crestron, or, you’ll enjoy a gentle and surprisingly pleasant wake-up call.  

When morning time comes, the lighting control system in your bedroom slowly illuminates to a yellow hue while motorized shades rise to let in the morning sun. And it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Instead, according to your preferences, you can program the technologies on your smart home tablet to slowly brighten. Make it even more delightful by choosing a wake-up song to play through your in-room speaker system.  


Make Smart Choices All Throughout the Day  

We’re just getting started! During the day, you can use your smart home tablet, smartphone app, or even your voice to control a wide range of integrated systems in your home. Turn up your whole-home sound system to play your favorite podcast or music playlist while preparing breakfast or lunch. Use your voice assistant to adjust the motorized blinds, change the temperature, or answer the video doorbell.  

If you have a circadian lighting system, then home lighting control is completely hands-free! That’s because the system is programmed to automatically change throughout the day – both color and brightness – to mimic the sun’s position in the sky. It ensures a well-lit home and one that helps you wake in the morning, feel energized throughout the day, and relax in the evening.  


A Smart Way to Enjoy Home Entertainment  

Right now, you’re accustomed to controlling your TV with a remote. That’s about as smart as it gets. But what if you could have a home theater system that puts every technology at your fingertips? By tapping a few buttons on your tablet, you control the TV, streaming service, sound, lights, and everything other technology in the room – as well as your entire home. You can even program a scene, such as “Movie Night,” that automatically adjusts every technology when you tap one button!  

Now, let’s take smart home entertainment outside. If you are planning a get-together on your porch, pool deck, or outdoor entertainment area, you’ll simply touch a few icons on your mobile device to set the scene for an exciting evening. When it’s time for the fun to begin, you control all the landscape lighting, the outdoor TV and sound system, the hot tub pump, and much more. Or just tell your voice assistant to do it for you!  


Discover all smart home automation has to offer by reaching out to AUDIOVISIONS. We serve the entire state of California with smart home solutions. Call us or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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