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The Exceptional Lifestyle with Savant


A Savant Smart Home Takes Luxury Living to the Next Level

Everyone has a different definition of luxury living in Orange County, CA. For some, it's waking up to blinds slowly rising and greeting the new day with the sound of relaxing music drifting through the home. For others, it's walking into a well-lit foyer at the end of a long day, grabbing a cold drink, and heading out to the backyard where the beautiful landscape lighting and the preheated spa bring a deep sense of relaxation.

Since its launch in 2005, Savant has been known as the premier home automation system for luxury homes. It prepares your home in advance, setting the scene before you arrive or wake up, starting or ending your day in an elegant, effortless manner. 

As a knowledgeable Savant dealer, we can discuss your lifestyle and what would genuinely define luxurious living for you and your family and then, through personalized solutions, make it happen. At AUDIOVISIONS, we’ve been helping our clients create their dream homes throughout California for over 30 years.

As James Deans said, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” Is it time to turn your dreams into reality? Let’s start your checklist by inspiring you with a few of the many features a Savant smart home offers. 

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Lighting Redefined

The proper lighting sets the mood for any occasion. Savant's TrueImage and Daylight Mode make setting the stage in your home effortless. 

LED lights create a palette of millions of colors, in all their various shades and intensities, from a warm candlelight glow to arctic blue or the red rays of a fading sun. There are no limits to the colors you can create for different occasions or the light that illuminates your favorite artwork or outdoor water features. 

Instead of spending hours experimenting, Savant makes it simple with TrueImage. Take a TrueImage picture of the lighted space and then adjust the color and brightness by touching the photo. As the lighting in the photo changes, so will the lighting in the room. Once you've created the perfect ambiance, set the scene so that you can retrieve it with one touch on your tablet, touchscreen, or mobile device.

Daylight Mode also works for you, adjusting the lighting throughout your home based on the geography, season, and time zone. The lighting aligns with the sun's natural progression, waking you with soft morning hues before transforming to cool blue shades that help you focus during the day and the warm, red evening tones that help you relax. 

This type of lighting aligns with your body’s natural circadian rhythm, your 24-hour internal timeclock, improving your quality of life by supporting a healthy sleep and wake cycle. 

Securing Your Home and Loved Ones

Nothing brings more peace of mind than knowing your loved ones and property are safe and secure. Savant Security offers remote monitoring and sends notifications when something out of the ordinary occurs. 

Was unusual motion detected in the garage? You’ll receive a notification, prompting you to take a look through your live security camera feed. You can speak directly to the intruder via a two-way intercom and, with one touch, alert law enforcement. Did your kids just arrive home from school? Spend a few minutes checking in with them through the video and intercom. Is your wine cellar above 60°? You’ll receive an alert on your smartwatch or mobile device.

Savant home automation is designed to control almost every connected device from one intuitive app. Lighting, security, climate, entertainment, and the pool and spa are controlled from a single, unified, and user-friendly platform. Personalized scenes and preferences allow all members of the family one-touch control. 

There’s a reason why AUDIOVISONS is the largest luxury technology integration firm in California. We design technology solutions for every client as if they were our first. Then, we develop lifelong relationships, supporting them as their family and home environment changes and expands. To learn more about home automation features or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AUDIOVISIONS today. 

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