What Are AV Control Systems & Why Use One at Home?


Make Home Entertainment More Accessible Than Ever 

It’s easy enough to turn on a speaker and listen to music when you live in a small apartment. But what if you want to listen to high-fidelity audio across multiple rooms and floors? Do you have an easy way to press play and entertain throughout your home?

And as for TV and movies, can you start a film on the outdoor TV and easily pick up where you left off in the home theater? Are downloaded and purchased movies as readily available as movies on streaming services? 

AV control systems make it easier to streamline entertainment across your whole home, syncing devices and media for ultimate control. Our team at AUDIOVISIONS installs AV controllers in homes in Orange County and across the entire state of California. Below, we’ll share what an AV controller offers and why it’s worth the upgrade! 

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How AV Control Systems Work 

An AV controller is the heart and brain of your home’s entertainment. Not only does it control all the equipment you own, like speakers, screens, and projectors, but it will also connect to all your streaming services or media servers, so everything is connected to one system. 

This means you can control each piece of the system separately—for instance, playing music over a single speaker in the kitchen. Or you can control it all together: turn on TVs and play the game’s audio over whole-home speakers!

System manufacturers like CrestronSavant, and Control4 let you access every device and media source through one press of a button. Their systems are highly compatible with third-party devices, so you can integrate the hardware you already own. 

Goodbye, Remote Collection!

How many remotes are on your coffee table? Is there one for the TV, one for the Blu-ray player, and another for a sound system? If you own a projector, you’ll have another remote for that, too—and that’s in one room! 

When you own an AV control system, you’ll only need one remote for all your entertainment hardware, including televisions, projectors, screens, receivers, amplifiers, and speakers. From the same smart remote, you can tap the Netflix button or Spotify icon and enjoy media in any room you desire. 

Remotes aren’t your only control option. You’ll access your home’s system from your phone, tablet, or dedicated touch screens. At AUDIOVISIONS, we even install custom wall keypads that let homeowners press a button like “Jazz” or “Rock” that instantly plays favorite genres or playlists over multi-room speakers. 

Control Across Multiple Homes 

Do you own a vacation home? Whether it’s elsewhere in California or across the country, you can control more than one home from the same AV control system. On the app, you’ll simply swipe to view your other home and all its devices.

Sync to Other Technology, Too 

Your home AV controller doesn’t have to be limited to speakers and screens. You can also access lights, motorized shades, thermostats, HVAC, and more from the same system. Create automated scenes that activate lights and AV to your preferred settings, like a “Movie Night” setting that automatically dims lights to the perfect level, sets your speakers to the ideal volume, and closes the window shades. 


Are you interested in a centralized AV controller for your California home? We design and install integrated control systems in homes across the state. Contact AUDIOVISIONS to learn more today! 

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