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3 Reasons Why Control4 Whole-Home Audio Is So Appealing


For Multi-Room Sound, a Control4 System Adds Volume and Clarity into the Mix

Music is life! For many people, it adds excitement, entertainment, and meaning to their days. Put in your earbuds or turn on the TV to listen to your favorite playlist, and you’re whisked away by the songs you love. Music also forges connections with other people and adds the spice of life we all crave. Since music is so important, why not add more of it to your day?

A whole-home audio system fills your entire Orange County, CA, home with the music you enjoy. Whether you’re home alone listening to a playlist or creating a musical atmosphere during a party, an audio distribution system will enhance your home entertainment experience. Keep reading to discover three reasons why Control4 is the perfect solution for whole-home sound.

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Set Yourself Free with Multi-Room Music

Smart home automation is all about seamless control and integration. Even though your smartphone offers a certain level of convenience when you use it to listen to music, it’s far from robust. Control4 provides a bold and beautiful way to fill your rooms with songs that bring rhythm to your day. Instead of connecting to earbuds or using a TV or stereo system, whole-home audio sets you free from the tech.

Just imagine using your smart home tablet or smartphone app to select a playlist that fills your entire home (or specific rooms) with music. Now – whether you’re working in a home office, doing chores, or enjoying time alone or with family – you can immerse yourself in premium sound that adds delight to your life.


Listen to Music Through High-End Speakers

Once you try Triad, you’ll never go back to traditional speakers. Control4’s Triad speakers deliver the sound quality you want – high-end audio that will impress the audiophiles in your family. If you want world-class audio performance in every room – the home theater, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and outdoor entertainment areas – then Triad does not disappoint.

When some people think of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, elevators and doctors’ offices come to mind. Nothing can be further from the truth with Triad speakers. They are carefully engineered and assembled to deliver uncompromising sound. You’ll feel the low-end sounds in your body and soul, as well as become captivated by the mid- and high-range audio. Properly positioned and calibrated speakers create the immersive sound experience you crave.


Take Control of the Music with Control4

Use an in-wall touchscreen, your smart home tablet, or an app to play music throughout your home. Browse your playlists and select one with a swipe, then pass around the tablet for your children to choose a song. The user interface is intuitive – just like using a smartphone. Streaming content has never been easier and more enjoyable.

With an integrated voice assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa, you can take control by simply speaking a command. So, if you’re cooking in the kitchen, there’s no need to touch anything. Just tell your system what you want to hear. Wherever you are in your home, your whole-home audio system is waiting to add more music to your life.


Would you like to learn more about installing a Control4 audio system in your home? Call AUDIOVISIONS or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout Orange County and the entire state of California.

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