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the-best-voice-assistant-for-smart-homes-meet-joshai Understands Natural Language for Voice-Controlled Home Automation  

Want to go hands-free in your California smart home? Imagine as you hurry out of the house, telling your voice assistant, “Turn off the lights!” and instantly, your home responds. Smart systems like Crestron and Savant are compatible with a variety of voice assistants. But which is best?  

You’ve heard of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, which can all be used for home automation with special programming. But they weren’t built specifically for home control, and often their capabilities fall short., a newcomer in the market, was made for home automation, and the advantages are hard to ignore. is a game-changer for voice-controlled home automation with its natural language processing and built-in privacy features. At AUDIOVISIONS, design and install smart home systems across the state of California. Read on to see how can enhance your daily life in Palm Desert, CA.   

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What is is a voice-controlled system that works with all your ‘Internet of Things’ devices. As more applications become 'smart,' from your thermostat to motorized shades, you can connect and control them remotely to save time and energy and create the perfect atmosphere. lets you control your residence with your voice through small wall-mounted devices like the Josh Micro or Josh Nano. Place the Micro or Nano in every room, and is always at your beck and call. Understands You Better  

With most voice assistants, commands must be awkwardly projected and pronounced to be understood like a robot. But comprehends natural language much more smoothly, and you don’t need to say, “OK Josh,” every time you want something. Say, “OK Josh, dim the lights to 30 percent,” then follow up with, “Play indie radio” without requiring another “OK Josh.” Josh knows what room it’s in, too, so if you ask to turn on a TV in the living room, it won’t be confused about the bedroom TV.   


Use More Complex Commands  

“Tonight, when I’m home, set the lights to ‘Night Time,’ close the drapes, and turn the thermostat to 70.”  

Could you say that to Siri or Alexa? Probably not. But can understand more complex commands, performing multiple tasks at once when you ask it to.’s machine learning helps it adapt to your daily preferences. It can hear you from across the room, too, so you don’t need to go out of your way to use voice control.  


Enjoy More Privacy  

While Google collects your information to target advertisements and Alexa tries to sell you products through Amazon, Josh’s only aim is to help you use your smart home system. The founders at greatly value privacy and don’t believe in spying tactics used by Google and Amazon. never sells your data, and you can choose how much information you would like it to remember.  

Josh’s optional ‘conversation mode’ turns off ‘listening,’ so the voice assistant won’t be engaged waiting to hear commands. Furthermore, your commands are stored locally, not on a cloud, so you know they aren’t being sent to the internet. The Nano device includes a switch to physically disconnect the microphone if you ever want the peace of mind of ultimate privacy. Double-tap the Micro, and it mutes. To use for security systems, it ensures only you and your family have access, and requires opening the app to unlock doors. 


If you’d like to learn more about voice-controlled home automation in California, AUDIOVISIONS is your destination. Contact us here to discuss a custom solution for your home. We look forward to meeting you!  

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