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Let Your Smart Home Create the Perfect Illumination at All Times

A bathroom with varying light fixtures, in-ceiling speakers, and a bathtub in front of glass doors.

Manage Your Home’s Lighting Effortlessly with Lutron Lighting Control

At AUDIOVISIONS, we believe that technology only enhances a home when it’s effortless to manage. In the world of lighting, a Lutron lighting control system does just that. Tap an elegant in-wall keypad or touchpad, and one or every light in your home transforms, setting the perfect ambiance for the moment’s activity or mood. 

Drench your living room in vibrant colors, illuminate your artwork in its best light, and watch your lights transform around you to the ideal hues and intensities. Even daylight is managed effortlessly, with shades that raise and lower as the sun’s position changes. 

Let's explore the world of intelligent lighting control in Beverly Hills, CA, and why it’s one of our clients’ favorite technologies throughout California.

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Versatility Is The Name Of The Game With A Lutron System

Closeup of a silver Lutron Palladiom keypad with a luxury kitchen counter in the background.

Discover How to Manage Your California Smart Home with Style

Lutron has been at the top of the luxury lighting control market for years and has made quite the name for itself since the invention of the solid state dimmer switch in the late 1950s. What was once solely a lighting company has grown exponentially over the last half-century, incorporating motorized shading options and later tunable lighting functionality with the Ketra acquisition in 2018. 

Because of this long, storied history of incredible innovation, reliability, and system flexibility, the AUDIOVISIONS team considers a Lutron system the ultimate lighting control option for our clients in Santa Barbara and throughout California.

Keep reading below to discover how a Lutron control system can change how you experience your home.

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Tunable Lighting: The Importance of Color Temperature & Brightness

A modern kitchen with two wine glasses on the counter. Tunable lighting is set to a warm shade of white.

How Smart Lighting Can Influence the Way Your Home Feels 

Have you ever walked into a well-lit café or store and instantly felt happy to be there? You’re not the only one. Studies have found a correlation between light conditions and our emotions, showing that light can both positively and negatively impact our moods. After all, we’ve all noticed how gloomy it can feel during the darkest winter months.  

Knowing this, does the lighting in your house influence how you feel, too? 

As it turns out, your light bulbs’ brightness and color temperature can significantly affect your home's atmosphere and even the way walls, furniture, and artwork appear. If you’re illuminating your home with improper bulbs, it could negatively impact your environment and wellbeing

Many people use any light bulbs they can find, resulting in a mismatched collection of warm and cool lights. But there’s a new way to approach home lighting. Smart solutions like Ketra LEDs allow you to automate lights for an experience called tunable lighting

In this article, we’ll share all you need to know about tunable lighting, brightness and color settings, and how they can enhance your home in Beverly Hills and elsewhere in California. 

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Bringing Voice Control & Automation to the Kimpton Rowan Hotel


How AUDIOVISIONS Took This Palm Springs Hotel into the Future

Guests at the Kimpton Rowan can now start their day saying, “Open the shades and play acoustic music,”—and the room will do just that.

Our team at AUDIOVISIONS proudly helped voice control and Ketra tunable lighting make their hotel debut at the Kimpton Rowan in Palm Springs, CA. With wellbeing and performance in mind, we installed a lighting control system, surround sound, voice control, and more to create an unforgettable guest experience.

Join us below as we dive into the Kimpton Rowan’s new smart technologies. You may find some inspiration for your own business!   

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Bring Your Home To Life With Smart Lighting Design


Lutron Systems Create Vibrancy, Focus, And Better Living With Illumination That Matters.

The lighting in your home has a significant influence on your sense of comfort, focus, and general health. Beyond simply guiding you through the dark hallways of your home, the type of illumination in your home matters more than you might suppose.

Smart lighting design works as an integral part of your smart home’s ecosystem, one that acts in concert with your needs and desires. We partner with Lutron to provide lighting and shade solutions that balance the practical with sophisticated fixtures and elegant controls.

Are you looking to add beauty with benefits to your luxury San Francisco residence? Continue reading to learn how we enhance lifestyles throughout California.

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Boost Wellness at Home with Lutron Lighting Control


Smart Lighting Can Improve Your Mood, Sleep, and Home’s Atmosphere 

No one likes feeling tired, sluggish, or bearing a headache for hours on end. But according to a poll by YouGov, only one in seven Americans starts most days feeling well-rested. Many of us Californians try our best to live healthily, yet it can still be challenging to get the rest we need.

What if we told you your home’s lighting could be accidentally hindering your moods and sleep cycles? And that by switching to smart lighting, you could feel more alert during the day and rested at night. 

Lighting control systems have been used for years in theaters and restaurants but only recently became popular in homes. Color tunable and brightness features let homeowners customize the appearance of their lighting with one press of a button. And with Lutron lighting control, you can bring wellness to your Orange County, CA home like never before. How? Learn more below!

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