Boost Wellness at Home with Lutron Lighting Control


Smart Lighting Can Improve Your Mood, Sleep, and Home’s Atmosphere 

No one likes feeling tired, sluggish, or bearing a headache for hours on end. But according to a poll by YouGov, only one in seven Americans starts most days feeling well-rested. Many of us Californians try our best to live healthily, yet it can still be challenging to get the rest we need.

What if we told you your home’s lighting could be accidentally hindering your moods and sleep cycles? And that by switching to smart lighting, you could feel more alert during the day and rested at night. 

Lighting control systems have been used for years in theaters and restaurants but only recently became popular in homes. Color tunable and brightness features let homeowners customize the appearance of their lighting with one press of a button. And with Lutron lighting control, you can bring wellness to your Orange County, CA home like never before. How? Learn more below!

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Human Centric Lighting: What Is It? 

Electric lighting is a miraculous invention, letting humans stay up past sunset and ‘see’ in the dark. Although we’d never trade in our lightbulbs for candles, many studies have observed the negative effects that artificial light can have on our body’s circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm regulates our cyclical behavior—the mental and physical changes we go through in a day. Without natural sunlight, our internal clock can be thrown off. 

That’s where lighting control comes in. Now, smart home controllers connect to LED lights, letting you adjust the color temperatures, spectral power, and brightness of each lightbulb. Then, from your smartphone, tablet, or remote, you can instruct your lights to automatically shift appearance throughout the day, replicating natural sunlight.

In the morning, your lights should appear bright with a cool blue-white tone. However, that kind of lighting doesn’t feel ‘right’ in the evening. By afternoon, your LEDs should transition into warm, golden hues, like the sunset outside.


Set the Ideal Mood 

When we spend time in a room with the wrong lighting, it can feel very uncomfortable. Imagine it’s nighttime, and you’re in a kitchen with ultra-bright, cool-toned lighting. It would make you feel unnerved and a bit anxious, wouldn’t it? 

Similarly, during the day, when it’s light and bright outside, you wouldn’t want to be in a somber, dim living room with warm lighting. It’s crucial for our mental health that we use lights that reflect natural conditions outside. Luckily, Lutron lighting control lets your home enjoy the best of both worlds. 


Energized for Work, Restful for Sleep 

When your home’s lighting is set to blue-white lights in the morning, you’ll find you feel more alert and energized to take on the day. And around dinner time, golden lighting will cue your mind to start naturally producing melatonin, helping you sleep soundly. For those who are sensitive to light, tunable lighting can even help reduce the likelihood of migraines. 


Lighting Control by Lutron

Lutron is a world leader in automated lighting. It offers sophisticated control of lights, shades, thermostats, and more. And their elegant keypads let you create custom buttons like ‘Morning,’ ‘Dinner,’ and ‘Away’ to set the perfect lighting scene.

To find Lutron smart lighting solutions near you, look to AUDIOVISIONS. We install and program Lutron lighting systems in homes across the entire state of California. Contact us here to upgrade your lighting today!

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