Hidden Technology Project Spotlight: 2006 Washington Street

Projector descends from an ornate ceiling in an automated lift.

How We Disguised Technology in the City’s Most Coveted Penthouse 

The Penthouse sits atop the most desirable building in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights—2006 Washington Street. Built in 1924, the beaux-arts building overlooks Lafayette Park and panoramic views of The Bay. Its new owners wanted to renovate The Penthouse with updated audio, video, and lighting technology while maintaining exquisite interior detail—and asked AUDIOVISIONS to make it happen. 

Our team was honored to work alongside respected architects and artisans on The Penthouse. We were tasked with seamlessly blending home technology into the intricate walls and ceilings.

Take a look inside 2006 Washington Street and learn about our hidden technology installation. You may just become inspired for your own California home!

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5 Benefits of Electric Shades for Your Smart Home


Integrate Electric Shades Into Your Smart Home for More Functionality.

Do you currently own a smart home system or are thinking about installing one? Not only are smart homes convenient and luxurious, but they create a more comfortable living environment. And if you ask us, no smart home is complete without electric shades.

Electric shades can be customized to match your home’s décor, and ultimately, make your daily routine more efficient. At AUDIOVISIONS,  install motorized shades in homes in Palm Desert, CA and across the entire state of California. Here are our top five benefits of electric shades for smart homes.

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How Lighting & Shading Improve Your Day – Morning to Evening


Learn How Circadian Lighting & Smart Window Treatments Elevate Your Living Experience  

Artificial light is usually used for one purpose: to help people navigate in their homes when the sun goes down. But natural lighting plays a much bigger role in our lives than that. Just think about it. Natural light isn’t static. It doesn’t maintain the same brightness and hue throughout the day. Instead, it changes, making colors come alive and creating a beautiful visual experience on any landscape. 

Most importantly, natural light promotes health and wellness. It stirs us from sleep, revives us throughout the day, and helps us relax as the afternoon sun turns to a calming amber hue. The good news is you can create the same experience in your Palm Desert, CA home with motorized shades and circadian lighting. Keep reading to see how to do it!  

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