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Bring Your Home To Life With Smart Lighting Design


Lutron Systems Create Vibrancy, Focus, And Better Living With Illumination That Matters.

The lighting in your home has a significant influence on your sense of comfort, focus, and general health. Beyond simply guiding you through the dark hallways of your home, the type of illumination in your home matters more than you might suppose.

Smart lighting design works as an integral part of your smart home’s ecosystem, one that acts in concert with your needs and desires. We partner with Lutron to provide lighting and shade solutions that balance the practical with sophisticated fixtures and elegant controls.

Are you looking to add beauty with benefits to your luxury San Francisco residence? Continue reading to learn how we enhance lifestyles throughout California.

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The Illuminated Mind

Whether you recognize it or not, lighting is the first element of a room to affect you. Humans have evolved to interpret the illumination of a space on a subconscious level, determining if a space is safe, inviting, and comfortable. Just as your multiroom audio creates an ambiance, the type of light, color, and intensities alter your sense of aesthetic, predetermining emotional responses.

The use of natural light as a component of your home offers you the health benefits of serotonin and vitamin D. By working with and complementing sunlight. A Lutron system helps to synchronize with your circadian rhythms, getting better sleep and therefore improved wellbeing.

Lighting Fit To Your Home

Your luxury residence is unique, from the sweeping lines of the architecture to the detailed decor; you require more than a cookie-cutter system. Regardless of new build or renovation, Lutron offers solutions that fit the needs of your home, sense of style, and convenience of control.

Brand-new builds offer the option of installing a centralized system, placing all control processors, dimmers, and electronics in a single closet. With dedicated wires run to the lamps, you have simpler control, creating cleaner looks by eliminating the ‘wall-acne’ of multiple switches used in standard installs. Elegant keypads allow you to call up designated scenes for a room or the whole house.

Of course, there are times when you cannot or do not want to open your walls but still want to add the advantages of automated lighting. Wireless dimmers and keypads furnish you with a control that does not disturb historic wallpaper or ruin original plaster moldings. In addition, you can set the mood or dim the lights in your home theater from the smartphone app or with the sound of your voice.

Brighten Your Outlook

Better lighting not only enhances your home but improves your lifestyle. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Call us at (949) 206-0606 to start the conversation! We look forward to working with you!

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