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4 Spaces of Your Home Where You Need Lighting Automation

A luxury kitchen illuminated by different shades of Ketra lighting solutions.

Experience the Difference Home Lighting Automation Makes!

Lighting solutions go a long way when it comes to enhancing your living spaces. Offering a blend of efficiency, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, innovative home lighting automation technologies have become a game-changer to thousands of families across beautiful San Francisco, CA. But how can they really transform the way you experience your living spaces? That’s exactly what this blog is about! 

Join us in today’s blog as we explore how smart lighting can elevate four key areas of your home.

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Explore the Premier Whole-Home Control System: Lutron HomeWorks


Experience Stunning Lighting, Intelligent Shades, and Intuitive Controls

Over 60 years ago, Joel Spira invented the first solid-state dimmer. Suddenly, light could be brightened and dimmed, instantly transforming the mood. This was the first of the over 2,000 patents filed by Lutron, now world-renowned as the premier advanced lighting system and control brand.

Today, lighting has evolved into one of the primary elements used in interior design. Advanced high-quality LED lighting provides brilliant illumination. Natural light brings the beauty of the outer world indoors. Stunning window coverings automatically rise and lower, managing daylight and privacy. And Lutron HomeWorks offers a way to manage this lighting effortlessly and from beautiful controls.

Let’s explore how this smart system is transforming homes in Los Angeles and throughout California through the power of light.

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7 Ways to Control Your Home Lighting System

A hand tapping a button on a Lutron Palladiom keypad with a floral wallpaper background.

Use Whatever Method Feels Right!  

Would you like to enhance your living experience and bring a touch of luxury to your home? There’s no better way to do so than with a home lighting control system. These innovative solutions not only provide functionality and convenience but also add beauty and ambiance to every area. 

Unlike many DIY smart bulbs, you don’t have to be tethered to your phone to use a lighting control system. There’s a wide range of control options available, making it easy to change the mood at any time. 

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways homeowners in Santa Barbara and the entire state of California can utilize home lighting control systems. Get inspired below! 

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How to Transform Your Spaces with Home Lighting Control

A luxury kitchen illuminated by Ketra lighting.

Bring Beauty, Functionality, and Luxury to Your Spaces with Our Innovative Solutions!

What does it take to transform a regular house into a delightful home filled with comfort, beauty, functionality, and luxury? While several smart home technologies aid you in achieving that, home lighting control systems have become essential to transforming your living areas into more enjoyable spaces.

Keep reading our blog to discover the possibilities that smart lighting control offers to your Palm Desert, CA, home. Take a look!

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Ketra Lighting: A Truly Transformative Natural Lighting Solution


How Ketra Lighting Control Reveals a Spectrum of Bright Possibilities

The blue skies, the warm sunlight, and the fresh air. Who doesn’t like spending time outside in California when the weather is perfect? Ketra lighting control lets you bring the experience inside. You’ll create a personalized indoor space that works in harmony with nature. The company’s lighting products provide natural light and simple elegance while working seamlessly with your lighting control system.

Best of all, Ketra lights are beautifully designed for your complete comfort. A lighting design that’s focused on your well-being makes all the difference in your day. Read our article below to see why Ketra is the ideal choice for illuminating every room in your Palm Desert, CA, home.

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4 Bright Ideas for Adding Smart Lighting to Your Home


Discover How Crestron Lighting Control Makes Your Home Healthy, Beautiful, and Secure 

The right lights transform even an ordinary room into a beautiful space. Elegant table lamps, wall sconces, and recessed ceiling lights elevate the ambiance of your home in ways traditional lighting cannot. But it’s even better to integrate all the lights with a Crestron smart home system. Then, at the tap of an icon on a tablet or wall panel, you seamlessly adjust the atmosphere to your preferences.  

Few companies offer such ease in automation and light control like Crestron. In fact, their home automation platform offers customizable control of all your Crestron lighting– as well as every other technology throughout your San Francisco home. At AUDIOVISIONS, we install Crestron home automation systems across California. Discover the four primary benefits of a smart lighting system by reading our blog.  

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