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3 Things You Didn't Know Your Control4 Smart Home Could Do

An elegant kitchen with a TV displaying the Control4 interface.

Yes, you can do THAT with a Control4 system!

Smart home automation systems are pivotal in transforming houses into efficient, intelligent living spaces. One of our all-time favorite systems is Control4, as it offers a vast array of features to enhance your lifestyle. For example, you are probably familiar with its lighting control capabilities that create a more inviting environment around your living spaces, or the smart entertainment solutions that allow you to take your favorite content into every room of your home. But did you know there's much more you can do to simplify your lifestyle when you have a Control4 smart home?

Join us in today's blog to explore how we can help you transform your living experience in glamorous Beverly Hills, CA, with our solutions.

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A luxury living room in a smart home.


Life is too short not to savor every moment. In a world that is constantly in a rush, making the most of every instant becomes an art. With this cutting-edge smart home technology, each day holds the potential for experiences that delight the senses, bring comfort, and ensure peace of mind. It's a lifestyle where luxury intertwines with convenience, where technology seamlessly molds itself around your desires. 

This is the essence of the dream lifestyle—and it's closer to reality than you might think! With a Control4 installation, you can step into a realm where your vision of the perfect life in beautiful California is brought to life. Keep reading to discover more about how Control4’s solutions elevate your lifestyle.

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How Control4 Changes Your Experience at Home

A Control4 touch panel overseeing a luxurious living room.

Explore All the Ways a Control4 Home System Creates the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Our homes have become more than just physical spaces in today's world. They are our sanctuaries, where we seek solace, relaxation, and convenience. As technology keeps evolving, the concept of a control system for your smart home has gained tremendous popularity. 

But what really is a control system? Home control technology allows your home to be smart. It is the technology system that connects your devices and makes it possible to manage and automate them. It is the key to a more manageable lifestyle where your entire home can adjust to satisfy your needs at your command.

At the forefront of this lifestyle revolution, we have Control4. This innovative brand is not just another home automation system; it is a transformative force that can completely change how you enjoy your living space, elevating it to new levels of comfort, convenience, and sophistication. 

In this blog, we will explore how a Control4 home system can truly transform your Malibu, CA, lifestyle, creating an environment that enhances your entertainment, streamlines your daily routines, and provides you with peace of mind. Find out by reading below!

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5 Reasons to Install a Smart Home Control System

A woman uses the Savant application on a tablet to monitor security cameras while relaxing on the living room couch.

How California Homeowners Benefit from Smart Technology

Californians investing in smart home control systems stand to benefit in several ways from the convenience and reliability of smart technology solutions. Our expert team at AUDIOVISIONS has gathered some of the top reasons homeowners are moving to these devices to ease their daily lives. 

Whether turning off the lights, locking the front door, or making a grocery list, smart technology can play a role in many everyday activities, reducing stress on the homeowner and simplifying tasks. Continue reading to learn more about five reasons Los Angeles-area residents and all Californians can benefit from a smart home control system.

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What Are AV Control Systems & Why Use One at Home?


Make Home Entertainment More Accessible Than Ever 

It’s easy enough to turn on a speaker and listen to music when you live in a small apartment. But what if you want to listen to high-fidelity audio across multiple rooms and floors? Do you have an easy way to press play and entertain throughout your home?

And as for TV and movies, can you start a film on the outdoor TV and easily pick up where you left off in the home theater? Are downloaded and purchased movies as readily available as movies on streaming services? 

AV control systems make it easier to streamline entertainment across your whole home, syncing devices and media for ultimate control. Our team at AUDIOVISIONS installs AV controllers in homes in Orange County and across the entire state of California. Below, we’ll share what an AV controller offers and why it’s worth the upgrade! 

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A Control4 Audio System Redefines the Home Audio Experience


Enjoy High-Performing Sound Throughout Your Home and Into Your Yard 

Have you ever been to a high-end theater or concert event and felt the music surround you? At this level of performance, it's much more than hearing the music; it's feeling it envelop you, taking you to inspired places filled with intense energy or a peaceful oasis.

Once you’ve experienced this type of sound quality, you never forget it. What if you could enjoy this same feeling in your San Francisco, CA home? With Control4 home audio systems, you can.

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Luxurious Control4 Automation Ideas to Try at Home


Add Serenity & Simplicity to Your California Lifestyle 

Why do we wait for vacations and getaways to truly relax and unwind? It shouldn’t take a wellness retreat to escape the stresses at home. What if your house could feel as luxurious and calming as a hotel or spa? 

With Control4 automation, your home’s systems proactively respond to your everyday needs, adding little perks throughout your day. Imagine soothing music playing over whole-home audio or rooms automatically set to the perfect temperature. To bring luxury and wellness to your Santa Monica, CA home, get inspired by our Control4 ideas below.

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