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Manage Entry Into Your Home with a Professional Access Control System

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Discover The Benefits of Adding Electronic Locks to Your Security Setup

There is nothing more critical than the security and safety of your family and home. A smart security system from AUDIOVISIONS offers comprehensive and convenient coverage. With the swipe of a screen or sound of your voice, you can lock doors, pull up footage on security cameras, and monitor your home’s status.

Your smart home is designed to enhance the way you live, furnishing effortless control of lighting and whole-home entertainment. Incorporating an integrated home access control system gives you complete management of your entryways and property access. 

Whether controlling the flow of tradespeople throughout your living spaces or looking for peace of mind, our professional team has the right solutions. If the possibilities for your Los Angeles, CA, home intrigue you, continue reading more below. 

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Entry Made Effortless

Once a signifier of responsibilities and success, keys are a nuisance these days. The need to carry around a collection of metal just to get into your home seems particularly quaint, given far more advanced options are available.

It’s more than likely that you drive a car that is unlocked and started so long as you have the appropriate fob. The same is possible with the entryways to your home using sophisticated and secure electronic locks and apps. In addition, these systems have evolved to allow touchless access using a small fob to enter; especially helpful when you have a handful of bags from a day of shopping.

Manage Access

You are well aware that there is always something that needs to be attended to or fixed, and the truth is that you cannot always be home when there are things to do. A remote system allows you to provide entry when needed and limit where people can access. 

All too often, there are situations when you need to let in tradespeople while you are out at the office or half a world away on vacation. With our integrated system, you can rest assured that a leak in the HVAC system or dangerously warm conditions are fixed before extensive damage can occur. Allow delivery people to drop off packages in the garage or mudroom room while securing and monitoring the primary bedroom and home office.

Always Be In The Know 

Regardless of the brand, integrating access control devices into your smart home platform ensures that you are always in the know. You’ll receive notifications when anyone approaches, an exterior or private room is entered, and if an entry is left open past a specified hour. 

Did you find a mess in the garage or notice an item missing? The software and app allow you to track individuals via unique passcodes or fobs. You can easily find out who used the door, complete with timestamp and duration between a lock and unlock status. 

Your Home, Your Control 

At AUDIOVISIONS, we are passionate about creating inspiring, comforting, and satisfying living spaces. A whole-home security system with access control provides you with the confidence that your home and family are protected, inside and out. 


To start the conversation, call us at (800) 426-0277 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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