4 Undeniable Benefits of Smart Lighting

a dining room with LED lighting fixtures.

Transform your home by upgrading to an automated system with LED lighting fixtures

New lighting fixtures and creative lighting design with smart control capability can completely change the aesthetics and functionality of a home. Most homes today still use traditional lighting systems without home automation features. However, an even more advanced lighting system is available - one that offers unmatched convenience and comfort to homeowners: smart lighting control!

Today’s new lighting fixtures and systems improve the aesthetics of a home and convenience for homeowners. Read on to discover the top four benefits of having a smart lighting control system in your home in Santa Barbara, CA. 

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1. Bring  Your Home’s Architecture and Artwork into the Limelight

Every home has some unique architectural features and artwork. But it would be a shame if they are hidden in the background. But with modern lighting fixtures, you can make them more apparent. Accent lights highlight the artwork, alcoves, sculptures, and architectural features of your home, making your home even more pleasing to the eye. 

2. One-Touch, Convenient Control of the Entire Home

Another major benefit of modern lighting systems is that they can easily be controlled from one central hub. With smart lighting control and the latest lighting fixtures, you can turn the lights on and off in a much easier way. 

Now, all your home’s lights can be accessed with a mobile device or a sleek wall panel, offering optimal lighting control. A single user-friendly interface, such as a smartphone or smart home tablet, allows you to schedule lights to illuminate at a particular time, or you can adjust them at your convenience, right from your seat.  

3. Set the Mood for Any Scene

Presetting scenes with lighting control is simple too. Depending on the event or even your mood, you can create a lighting scene that reflects it. Then, with a single press, all the lights (as well as any other connected technology) adjust automatically. For instance, when watching movies in the home theater, press the “Movie” scene, and all the lights will turn off. Or, when you press the “Relax” scene at the end of the day, the lights take on a warm-toned hue and dim to create a soothing environment. 

4. Increased Lifespan of the Lighting System

Smart lighting, specifically LED lights, use less energy than any other light source. Moreover, with lighting control, you can immediately turn off any fixtures you aren’t using. As a result, your home’s lighting system is only in use when necessary. In fact, if they are placed on a schedule or use motion detection, they’ll automatically turn off and on without you having to lift a finger. 

And with reduced consumption, the lifespan of your home lighting increases, allowing you to get more use out of it. As an added bonus, your energy bills will be less, making your home more energy efficient. 

Add lighting fixtures to your home to experience all the benefits listed above. AUDIOVISIONS is among the top integrators in Santa Barbara and all of California. Get in touch today to start your project. Give us a call at (415) 459-7900. You can also reach out to us by filling out an easy online contact form

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