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Ketra Light Automation for Improved Well-Being

Ketra Light Automation for Improved Well-Being

You’ll feel good about this innovative lighting system in your home

The location and architecture of your home are not the only things that make it a dream home. “Dreamy” light is also an important part of it! And we’re not talking just about fixtures. Light automation involves design, color, and control. So, do you have the right light and control in your Malibu, CA home? 

In 2022, home automation has become the epitome of luxury home comfort. But while home automation systems bring comfort and ease, light automation also offers incredible benefits. Read on to find the top three advantages of lighting control and how Ketra plays a part in your indoor comfort. 


1. Focus on Natural Light

Unlike traditional bulbs that provide light that looks “artificial,” Ketra creates lighting that feels natural. Ketra patented light automation technology is designed to change the lighting color and brightness to mimic the natural hues of the sun. It results in a cozy and comfortable environment. Your home will feel more open and coordinated with your indoor-outdoor lifestyle. In addition, other technologies like motorized shades play a part in creating a more natural-looking space.

2. Promotes Well-Being

Light automation that focuses on creating natural light is referred to as human-centric. It helps your body maintain a balanced circadian rhythm, and it even supports a healthy mind and body. The changing hues of human-centric lighting throughout the day promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle too. While Ketra isn’t strictly circadian lighting, it can be programmed to adjust throughout the day to encourage wakefulness, productivity, relaxation, and sleep.

3. Ensures Safety 

There are many smart home systems that allow you to keep an eye inside and outside your home. Lighting control also plays a part in home security. For instance, with scheduling and sensors, your home can look occupied even when you aren’t there. Your Ketra lights can illuminate at various times throughout the day and in different rooms to give your home the appearance of occupancy. 

With the lights in your home working on a dedicated schedule, onlookers with ill-intent will find it riskier to attempt a break-in. Even if you live alone in a big home, you will never feel unsafe. Moreover, light automation allows you to travel as you wish without ever having to worry about your home’s security. Pair light automation with other home security features to create a safe haven for yourself and your family.

Light your world with Ketra lighting. You’ll feel better because you did. Get started by calling AUDIOVISIONS at (949) 206-0606 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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