Smart Home Devices for Your Living Room, Kitchen, and Bedroom


Smart Home Technology Can Transform Any Room in Your Home

Some people begin their journey into home automation in small increments. First, they experience the benefits of a smart door lock, then smart thermostats, and a smart TV. Before they know it, their lights, blinds, security, climate, and entertainment are controlled from one home automation system. 

Gone are the multiple remote controls and disjointed devices. Now they have a seamless smart home integration, one in which all components work together to create a beautiful, enjoyable home that is easy to manage.

Are you interested in everything these systems have to offer your home in San Francisco, CA? Let’s look at the benefits of a smart home room-by-room. 

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Living Room

Is your living room a space where the family congregates to enjoy each other’s company, watch some TV, and play some games? Or maybe it’s the room where you entertain your guests and enjoy music and some solitude. 

Living rooms play many different roles in people’s lives. But, no matter your use, maintaining a beautiful, relaxing space is paramount. A home automation system helps you do this by controlling your lights, blinds, climate, and entertainment system. 

Our certified technicians at AUDIOVISIONS can program all these systems to work together. As your home heats up throughout the day, your shades will lower to block the heat of the sun, and your lights will adjust to reflect the diminished daylight. 

Your whole-home audio system and TV can work in tandem too. Are you too busy to sit down and watch the game or your favorite show? Using your tablet, smartphone, or in-wall touchscreen, one touch of a button will turn on all your TVs to your chosen channel.

You can take a peek at the game or show from any room and hear the audio throughout your home. The incredible sound drifts through your house and out into the yard through barely visible in-wall and in-ceiling high-fidelity speakers. Due to careful calibration and speaker placement, the sound seems to fill the air, surrounding you wherever you go. 


Your kitchen may also be a central hub of the home. We can program preset scenes to adjust the electronics based on the activity. Are you having a few friends over? We’ll program an entertainment scene to illuminate different lights in varying hues and intensities. 

The whole-home audio will begin playing your entertainment playlist as your oven preheats and your gas firepit ignites. Did you use up the last of your rosemary? Tell, your virtual voice assistant, to add it to your shopping list. 

Is everyone retreating to the media room to watch the game? Tell Josh to turn off the lights and music in the kitchen and turn on the lights and game in the media room. As is evident, a home automation system can significantly reduce your family’s energy consumption by powering down lights when no one’s in the room, dimming them to preset levels, and adjusting the thermostat. 


Would you like to listen to music or the sounds of nature as your drift off to sleep? How about turning off all the lights in your home, arming the security system, and lowering the blackout shades with one touch on your bedside remote? All of these things, and more, are possible with smart home technology.

Today’s advancements have also led to smart beds that can automatically adjust temperature and firmness. In addition, a mobile app will track your sleep patterns and heart rate. 

Waking up is also a joy in a smart bedroom. We'll program your shades to slowly open, letting in the sun's rays to wake you naturally. At the same time, your lights slowly illuminate to a golden glow, aligning with natural lighting. Would you like to wake up to the sounds of the ocean rolling in or your favorite aria? We’ll make that happen, too. 

At AUDIOVISIONS, our goal is to deliver an integrated technology design that allows our clients to experience automation at its best, simplifying and enhancing their lives. Our attention to detail and personalized service are just some reasons why we’re the largest luxury technology integration firm in California. 

We combine the benefits of a large firm with the client care of a small, independent operation. To learn more about smart home integration or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact AUDIOVISIONS today. 

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