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Benefits of Lighting Automation in Your Home


Set the Mood and Increase Safety at Home with Smart Lighting Control 

Lighting automation can achieve the right ambiance in your house by adjusting the lighting levels and color temperatures to enhance the overall appearance and mood. You can highlight an artwork, enhance a particular area, or improve the atmosphere with a single press of a button.

A lighting automation system from a professional smart home systems company can upgrade your lighting and give you more control over the aesthetics of your house in Palm Desert, CA. Let's have a look at the many benefits of lighting automation

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Reduced Chances of Accidents

Elder individuals could experience accidents in their own homes due to hazards and obstacles they can't see. Adequate lighting levels in the house can help reduce such chances and keep your loved ones safe. This can be achieved through lighting automation that you can control from your smartphone. Imagine, after dark, low-level hallway lights can automatically turn on. Or from bed, your loved ones can turn on lights across the room right from their smartphone, tablet, or with a voice command. 

Improved Convenience

Automated lighting systems can enhance the convenience and comfort level of your California home. For instance, your car pulls in the driveway, sensors can prompt your landscape and foyer lights to automatically turn on. When you double press a keypad on the wall, all of your home’s lights turn off, making leaving for work a breeze. You can avoid running around switching the light switches off by installing a lighting automation system installed, all the while saving your electricity costs. 

Increased Elegance 

Lighting automation improves the aesthetics and gracefulness of your house. You can set the lights to match your mood and set the tone by fine-tuning the color and brightness levels of all your lights. Save your lights to preferred settings and change them anytime you feel inspired! 

Better Control

You get to control the lights of your house through your smartphone. This feature is increasingly becoming more and more popular in residential areas as you can control the motion sensor lights, check if any lights are on in your house when you are out, and even set timers to switch on any light you want. 

Enhanced Home Security 

Having an automatic lighting system means you can use your device to turn on the lights in your garage, patio, and garden in case you hear a sound to scare off any intruders. When there is adequate light around your house, intruders would stay clear of your property. 


Technology is constantly changing, and people are upgrading their homes to enhance their convenience and comfort. It could get overwhelming to decide which feature you should include in your house, but you can never go wrong with lighting control. 

If you want to upgrade your home and install a lighting automation system in Palm Desert, CA. AUDIOVISIONS has you covered. Get in touch to discuss your smart home needs

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