How Lighting & Shading Improve Your Day – Morning to Evening


Learn How Circadian Lighting & Smart Window Treatments Elevate Your Living Experience  

Artificial light is usually used for one purpose: to help people navigate in their homes when the sun goes down. But natural lighting plays a much bigger role in our lives than that. Just think about it. Natural light isn’t static. It doesn’t maintain the same brightness and hue throughout the day. Instead, it changes, making colors come alive and creating a beautiful visual experience on any landscape. 

Most importantly, natural light promotes health and wellness. It stirs us from sleep, revives us throughout the day, and helps us relax as the afternoon sun turns to a calming amber hue. The good news is you can create the same experience in your Palm Desert, CA home with motorized shades and circadian lighting. Keep reading to see how to do it!  

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Wake Up with Natural Light 

Morning sometimes comes early in your California home. Still, it doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience. Lutron motorized shades and circadian lighting by Ketra slowly illuminate your bedroom with the right hues to help you wake up. You can do this with your tablet or let your smart home system do it for you. Based on a pre-programmed setting, your smart shades slowly rise while your lighting system emits yellow-toned light (just like the sun) to help you stir from sleep.  

As you prepare for the day, touch a scene on your tablet to adjust the lights and shading to the setting you want. Walking into the kitchen, you won’t even have to touch a wall switch, cord, or rod to do it – everything changes too! You can even program your whole-home audio system to start playing the song of your choice.  


Stay Alert During the Day 

Yellow and amber lights are perfect for a morning wake-up call, but you need different colors to be productive during the day. Your circadian lighting system can automatically change to a blue-hued color to promote concentration and wakefulness. Those colors have positive effects both physiologically and psychologically. That is, you’ll feel more alert because your body reacts by stimulating the hormone cortisol, which gives you energy.  

Circadian lighting and tunable lighting, while they are similar, are actually different systems. You can change the color of tunable lights via your smart home system, but for the most part, they aren’t automatic. However, circadian lights automatically change brightness and hues throughout the day. They’ll even adjust if it’s cloudy to maintain a positive and bright environment in your home.  


Get Ready for a Relaxing Evening 

When it’s time to unwind, your motorized shades and lighting system help you do it. After dark, your shades lower, creating a private paradise in your home. At the same time, your circadian lights change to a soft reddish or orange hue to encourage the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy.  

But if you’re not ready for bed, that’s ok too! You can take control of your lighting system at any time. So, if you’re hosting a party or enjoying movie night in your home theater, change the lighting color to any hue you want to promote entertainment and excitement. As bedtime approaches, push a button to dim the lights and close the shades. It’s the perfect way to end a productive day.  


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