What Does Smart Home Living Really Look Like?


From Morning to Evening, Smart Home Automation Improves Your Lifestyle

What makes a home truly smart? Certainly, a smart TV, a few smart light bulbs, or maybe smart appliances provide some level of ease and enjoyment to your day. But what does it mean to have a robust smart home control system? Smart home automation, when fully embraced, gives you complete and seamless control of every connected technology in your home. With power like that, you’ll find that your day-to-day life is truly transformed. 

Below, you will discover the daily delights you can expect when living in a smart home. Read more to learn about the many smart features that are awaiting you and your home in Malibu, CA.  

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Boost Wellness at Home with Lutron Lighting Control


Smart Lighting Can Improve Your Mood, Sleep, and Home’s Atmosphere 

No one likes feeling tired, sluggish, or bearing a headache for hours on end. But according to a poll by YouGov, only one in seven Americans starts most days feeling well-rested. Many of us Californians try our best to live healthily, yet it can still be challenging to get the rest we need.

What if we told you your home’s lighting could be accidentally hindering your moods and sleep cycles? And that by switching to smart lighting, you could feel more alert during the day and rested at night. 

Lighting control systems have been used for years in theaters and restaurants but only recently became popular in homes. Color tunable and brightness features let homeowners customize the appearance of their lighting with one press of a button. And with Lutron lighting control, you can bring wellness to your Orange County, CA home like never before. How? Learn more below!

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Multi-Channel Audio: The Key to an Impressive Home Theater


Why Multi-Channel Surround Sound Is a Must-Have for Home Theaters  

Whether you’re following a Hobbit’s journey in Lord of the Rings or watching a ‘90s rom-com, in a home theater, you want to be immersed in the audio and visuals.

And how do you create immersion? Some folks set up two computer speakers at either side of the room and call that ‘surround sound.’ Or they use a soundbar that promises ‘3D sound.’ We’re here to say—that’s not surround sound!

If you want to experience sound mixing and editing like the filmmakers intended, you’ll need a multi-channel home theater, not a 2-channel audio system. What does that mean? We’ll explain all you’ll need to build the best surround sound system below.

As a home theater installer that serves Orange County and the entire state of California, we promise you’ll find a Hollywood-level theater when you partner with us.

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3 Reasons Why Control4 Whole-Home Audio Is So Appealing


For Multi-Room Sound, a Control4 System Adds Volume and Clarity into the Mix

Music is life! For many people, it adds excitement, entertainment, and meaning to their days. Put in your earbuds or turn on the TV to listen to your favorite playlist, and you’re whisked away by the songs you love. Music also forges connections with other people and adds the spice of life we all crave. Since music is so important, why not add more of it to your day?

A whole-home audio system fills your entire Orange County, CA, home with the music you enjoy. Whether you’re home alone listening to a playlist or creating a musical atmosphere during a party, an audio distribution system will enhance your home entertainment experience. Keep reading to discover three reasons why Control4 is the perfect solution for whole-home sound.

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