How To Pick Between Wired vs. Wireless Motorized Shades

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Our experts break down the differences between them to help you make the right decision

Natural light can have a major effect on your mood. Yet, many homeowners keep their window treatments closed throughout the day because it is inconvenient to open and close them manually. Enjoy sunlight during the daytime and privacy at night with just a button tap when you install automated window treatments, making your life more comfortable and convenient. 

How do you choose the right shades for your property? You must first decide whether to install wired or wireless shades. Our experts are here to help you choose the best solution for your space! Discover the differences between wireless and wired motorized shades for your San Francisco, CA, home.



As the name implies, wired shading operates through wiring installed directly into the walls of your home. However, wireless shading is connected using your home’s Wi-Fi system or another radio frequency that’s independent of your Wi-Fi. However, both wireless and wired systems use a radio frequency solution for control, similar to an AV remote.

Wireless shading is much easier to install than wired shading. There is no need to open up dry walls or disrupt your daily life to experience the convenience of motorized shades. This makes them perfect for retrofit projects that do not require the walls to be opened up. Wireless shades run on standard D cell batteries and last about two to three years under normal operating conditions (three-and-a-half to five years for lithium batteries).

There are some drawbacks, however. For example, some windows are too large to be covered by motorized shades, and certain styles, such as heavy drapes, might need more power than a battery can offer.


The most obvious reason to install wired motorized shades is that you do not have to worry about replacing batteries in each window treatment. This can be even more inconvenient when windows are hard-to-reach or high up. While it may be more difficult to install them in a remodel, they are easier to install in a new build and a much better investment than wireless shades. Wired shades use low-voltage wiring that is simple to install when drywall is already being worked on, such as your builder installing wiring for audio home automation and security. 

There is also a wider range of sizes and styles of wired shades to choose from than wireless shades. You can further customize your treatments to match your interior decor. Control system options are also more sophisticated in wired treatments and more reliable than relying on Wi-Fi to control them.

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