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Explore the best features of Savant Control to make your home the epitome of luxury

If you’re about to invest in a home automation system for your residence in Palm Desert, CA, you’ll have a plethora of choices. But AUDIOVISIONS brings you the best home control options. Out of all the brands, Savant control offers the best features that can make your home luxurious and practical simultaneously.

Read on to find all the features of Savant smart home control.


Universal Control

You can control almost all the essentials of your home with Savant. From your home’s lighting system to security cameras, you can control almost all electronic features.

If your home is already equipped with many smart devices but you have to control everything separately, that just adds to the hassle instead of making it a convenient option. But when you choose a Savant smart system, you can control everything from one place, thus, offering universal control. The home automation systems can be controlled via smartphone with just a simple tap of your fingers.


Even if you’re technically challenged, you won’t have any issues with Savant. The easy-to-use control system allows you to access any room easily. You can control multiple technologies without following any complex methods.

You’ll enjoy a touch-screen interface with large icons that you can use to access your TV set, audio system, and even your lighting system.

Remote Access

Whether you’re at home or outside, you can control your home appliances with Savant’s mobile application. All you need is an internet connection, and you can manage your home without being there physically.

The next time you leave your HVAC system running or forget to switch off the lights, you just need to tap away at your smartphone and switch off/on any device or appliance. It’s also a great way to boost your home security, as you can even manage your surveillance systems when you’re not at home.

Energy Saving

Savant makes it easy to automatically save energy at home. Smart lighting dimmers can lower brightness levels based on the incoming natural light, thus minimizing energy use. Your lights can also be programmed to automatically turn off in vacant rooms or when there’s enough sunlight. Motorized shades may lower at opportune moments to keep hot sun out, reducing your reliance on the AC.

You can enjoy all these and a lot more with a Savant installation by AUDIOVISIONS. We operate in California and deal offer Savant control systems and more. Give us a call at (760) 340-4555 to get Savant control in Palm Desert, CA, or fill out an online form for scheduling an appointment. We would love to work on your home!

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