Project Five

Four Seasons

This San Francisco client has built many homes over the years and knew exactly what they wanted in their new home. They worked closely with their builder, architect, interior designer, and the AUDIOVISIONS team to design the home of their dreams.

San Francisco, California


Wary of not overcomplicating a clean design plan, the client and her team were determined to keep things as simple as possible, while allowing for a level of control and technology that didn’t disrupt the design’s clean aesthetic.

With this goal in mind, AUDIOVISIONS’ Jeff Mitchel and Matt Callahan knew how important an easy-to-use, reliable control system was to the homeowner, and most importantly, that it fit with the look of the home. Everything needed to be simple and clean.

The project had a high level of fit and finish, blending two units into one larger unit. It also included a theater. Executing this in a San Francisco high rise proposed many challenges. AUDIOVISIONS installed a Savant system, complete with control and full sub system integration. TV’s and soundbars were installed so they could sit tightly in the cabinetry, giving the best picture and sound quality. James small aperture in-ceiling speakers were used for music throughout the residence matching the lighting design perfectly.

Since maintaining the design aesthetic and performance of the home was paramount for the client, Jeff and Matt found creative ways to seamlessly integrate technology into each room. “They wanted our products to blend in with the design of their home and not be the focal point, so we installed flush mount iPads in strategic areas of the home -- inside mounted automated shades on every window and inside a motorized lift at the foot of the master bed to hide when not in use.”

AUDIOVISIONS was able to achieve exactly the simplicity and aesthetic their client and their design team wanted, while providing a level of control in the home that the client was truly happy with.


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