Project One

Napa Retreat

This San Francisco client was new to home building and decided a prefab home project was the best option to quickly transform their vacation property. They worked closely with their builder, interior designer, and AUDIOVISIONS to make sure everything was just as they envisioned.

San Francisco, California


The client was determined to keep things as simple as possible, while allowing for a level of control and technology that didn’t disrupt the clean aesthetic of the design. So, AUDIOVISIONS created an easy-to-use system that, most importantly, fit with the design.

“When we first met with the client, he was very excited to live in an automated home and wanted everything to be simple and clean. Since the property was going to be a weekend retreat, the last thing the client wanted were complications when he arrived planning for a relaxing weekend winetasting” -Jeff Mitchel, Market Leader

AUDIOVISIONS installed a simple but elegant Savant system, complete with control and surveillance.

Since maintaining the design aesthetic of the home and property was the main goal for the client, AUDIOVISIONS design team found creative ways to seamlessly integrate technology into each room. We installed Lutron Keypads throughout the home, automated shades on every window in the home. A Sonance Landscape Speaker (SLS) system was installed to blend in with the landscaping for the outdoor areas. Sony TV’s were installed along with Sonance in-ceiling speakers for house music.

AUDIOVISIONS was able to achieve exactly what the client set out to do, while providing a level of control in the home that the client was truly happy

Lighting and Shading

A well-lit space is a beautiful space. Easily control natural and artificial lighting with a design that is both comfortable and stylish.


Optimize your entertainment with immersive audio, high-resolution video and gear that blends seamlessly with your décor.


Naturally tailored environments for an exhilarating viewing experience that exceeds that of a traditional theater.

Embrace a Beautifully Functional Space

Get More out of Your Technology Without Sacrificing Style
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