Project One

Beverly Hills Modern

Welcome to the ultimate spec house where every facet of the project had to be the best.

Los Angeles, California


Beverly Hills is a city with affluent clientele and a highly competitive speculative home market. In such a highly competitive marketplace it takes going the extra mile for a developer to separate their project from the rest of the pack. Our client's $40M speculative estate needed a remarkable integrated system to standout in the marketplace and draw the attention of a potential buyer. He wanted AudioVisions to design an integrated system that would "wow" homebuyers of this stature. From our very first meeting until project completion he repeated the same axiom, "Your technology is going to sell this house!". With such a persuasive vision we set out to design a system that would be commensurate with said vision.

With its multi-million dollar price tag, this residence had to have an instant wow factor in every single space. This design intent allowed AudioVisions to really put their creative talent to bare. The home features super high performance audio and video coupled with the latest in home technology to include Ketra Lighting, Lutron Lighting Controls and a Delos Darwin healthy living system. Even standard systems like video were supersized with two video wall installations in both the basement Bar and Living Room. But perhaps the most compelling installation in the entire home is the 88' wide custom projection video wall incorporating three 4k projectors which played a loop of a custom 3D rendering of a waterfall in the showcase subterranean garage. In addition to the enormous video wall in this space AudioVisions created a very customized lighting effect with Ketra fixtures. By combining the waterfall scene with Ketra light, AudioVisions was able to truly immerse the space in nature while enhancing the details of the garage's occupants: a stunning red Ferrari, purple Porsche, and silver Aston Martin parked below. The Ketra bulbs above each car were custom tuned to highlight the paint job, and a scene was programmed so that the lights by the screen would dim down to allow the video to shine while the lights above the cars would stay bright to maintain those punches of color. All of this immersive technology is seamlessly integrated by a Crestron automation system.

One of the main focuses, and somewhat fortuitus considering the COVID-19 pandemic, was the healthy living aspect of the home and how technology could help make that happen. Clean water, clean air and balanced human centric lighting were used to create an oasis of healthy living. Delos provided monitoring systems that were ultimately controlled by the Crestron automation system.

Not to be outdone by the amazing garage AudioVisions worked closely with the developer to create a unique Home Theater experience. Behind a hidden door disguised as a bookcase lies a beautiful custom theater. Barco Cinemascope 4K Laser projector, 206" Seymour woven electrimask screen, Dolby Atmos with Trinnov processor and 23 ProAudio SCR Ultra High Performance speakers with 4 subwoofers. All audio amplification is provided ProAudio as well. The room was custom calibrated by Paul Hales the founder of ProAudio to take the theater's sound performance to the next level. The rooms interior, acoustics and sound isolation was designed by Paradise Theaters. The thought and quality put into this space truly makes the room shine and produces an experience that has to be seen and heard to be believed.

As a result of this ambitious endeavor this amazing property captured not one, but three, top CEDIA Awards in 2020: Life Lived Best at Home, Technology Meets Design and Best Integrated Home Level IV (Americas). As a valued project partner AudioVisions was truly honored to be a part of this unique project.

Lighting and Shading

A well-lit space is a beautiful space. Easily control natural and artificial lighting with a design that is both comfortable and stylish.


Optimize your entertainment with immersive audio, high-resolution video and gear that blends seamlessly with your décor.


Naturally tailored environments for an exhilarating viewing experience that exceeds that of a traditional theater.


Naturally tailored environments for an exhilarating viewing experience that exceeds that of a traditional theater.

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