A Note from the President

Aerie Project Team,

We initially created this personalized site to share with the Aerie Team decision makers and team members our qualifications that make us the best company for this project. However, as you might imagine, we can also use this site as a living communication platform as the project progresses. It can be used to share information, documents, photos, schedules and practically anything else you may want - interactively with the team. Since it is completely built and maintained by us, in house, and is password protected and secure, it can be used as a private interactive and collaborative, real time resource. We can also provide personalized, client facing microsites for the potential homeowners – and not just for our part of the project, but for the whole Aerie team!

Please take a few minutes to review the information provided here. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.



Mark Hoffenberg
(949) 370-7700
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Aerie Project Team

AUDIOVISIONS has a project team method whereby a cohesive group is responsible for a project from start to finish and through the initial warranty period. We are pleased to introduce the highly talented project team that has been chosen for the Aerie project. In addition to the specific team members, they have the whole companies extensive resources to call upon when needed. We have provided our complete organizational chart so you can see and validate the overall strength, depth and talent of the organization. Many of the employees have been at the company for more than 10 years. Our Engineering Group Manager, Bob Schuppe has been at the company 25 years!

Jeff Goold.jpg

Jeff Goold – System Designer & Client Relations

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 2011
  • Industry experience: A million years.

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(949) 310-0701

Ryan Oerth – Systems Engineer

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 2004
  • Industry experience: Extensive commercial design & engineering experience including retail, MDU, and company headquarters. Project range in size from $500K to $2M.

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(619) 993-5084

Jim Korzelius – Project Manager

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 1994
  • Industry experience: Extensive experience on commercial projects, including offices, boardrooms, company headquarters, The House of Blues, and all locations of the Virgin Megastore in North America. His most recent notable commercial project was the Boston Consulting Group’s office in Manhattan Beach.

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(949) 413-4113

Drew Walker – Programming Group Manager

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 1999
  • Industry experience: Drew manages AUDIOVISIONS 5 man programming team. He has extensive knowledge of programming Savant, Crestron, AMX and RTI and has a deep understanding of how to program systems that are highly reliable and simple to operate.

Tom Roberts – Lighting Control Designer & Programmer

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 1998
  • Industry experience: Tom started his career off as a commercial electrician. He quickly gravitated to lighting and lighting control. Tom has been working with Lutron lighting control since its inception. He has worked very closely with Lutron on many projects including Lutron's Irvine Experience Center.

Ramon Allatore – Technician Level II

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 2004
  • Industry experience: Overall 12 years of industry experience.

Frank Capellino – Technician Level II

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 2004
  • Industry experience: Overall 18 years of industry experience.

Joseph Ramirez – Technician Level II

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 2005
  • Industry experience: Overall 15 years of industry experience.

Gio Corona – Technician Level I

  • AUDIOVISIONS start date: 2002
  • Industry experience: Overall 14 years of industry experience.

AUDIOVISIONS Projects of Interest

AUDIOVISIONS has successfully completed more high end, fully automated projects than any other California Integration Company. We selected the following completed projects for reference, as they each have some specific relevence or similarity to what we are trying to achieve with the Aerie project. 

Wine Country Residence  –  Windsor, CA

  • Whole House Savant Audio Video System.
  • Lutron Automated Lighting and Motorized Shades.
  • Integrated control of Surveillance Cameras, Pool, HVAC and Gate control from remote access or on property.

Pac Height Residence  –  San Francisco, CA

  • Whole House Savant Audio Video System.
  • Lutron Automated Lighting and Motorized Shades.
  • Integrated control of Surveillance Cameras, HVAC and Gate control from on property or remotely.
  • Electric Privacy Glass in Bathroom changes from Clear to Opaque Instantly.
  • Custom trim-less speakers throughout to match trim-less lighting fixtures.
  • Many custom design solutions to integrate the design & technology.
  • Business Class Wired and Wireless Network.

Sea Cliff Residence  –  San Francisco, CA

  • Whole House Savant Audio Video System.
  • Lutron Automated Lighting.
  • Complete update of existing system to new standards.
  • New Business Class Wired and Wireless Network.

LEED Gold Home  –  Los Altos, CA

  • Updated AV system from Crestron to Savant.
  • Complete Theater Update.
  • New Business Class Wired and Wireless Network.
  • Full Property Surveillance Camera update with NVR.
  • Integrated control of Surveillance Cameras, Pool, HVAC and Gate control from remote access or on property.

Sunnylands, Annenberg Estate  –  Rancho Mirage, CA

  • 200 acre estate and golf course used by heads of state and corporate retreats.
  • Completed recent upgrades and conference room.
  • Motorized shades, teleconferencing, video and automation.
  • Provide service and support for legacy equipment.

Attessa IV  –  298 ft Mega Yacht.  Vancouver, Canada

  • New Theater design and installation.
  • Detailed engineering, design documentation and coordination with ship building trades.
  • Compressed construction schedule and rigid deadlines.

SuRi  –  208 ft Yacht

  • This Yacht went through a major recommissioning where the boat was cut in half and extended 40ft to its new 208ft.
  • All new infrastructure, engineering, intense design in a compressed timeline.
  • Yacht Wide Savant Audio Video System.
  • Worldwide satellite TV access system.
  • 180 degree cameras for full ship view via iPad.
  • Motorized TV’s in the Gym, roof top spa and Cigar Lounge.
  • Custom Media Room with 70” flat panel for normal viewing and Motorized Projection screen for movie watching.

Virgin Megastores

  • National project including all music stores in North America.
  • Created headphone listening stations – novel and new concept for customers.
  • Video display walls and music systems.
  • PA and microphone systems.

Lutron 2016 Excellence Award Entry

Located in sunny Palm Springs, CA, this home is a great getaway. A retired builder and developer, the client was involved in all aspects of the project. He knew of competing lighting control options and chose Lutron because of value, product selection and integration capabilities. As the project progressed, additional lighting and shading needs were met by Lutron’s wide array of new construction and retrofit products. Lutron QS ECO, Lutron QS Shades, Lutron ceiling tensioned rollers and Lutron battery powered shades were all implemented in this project.

Lutron ECO System

The ECO system, fixture layout and lighting fixture specification was designed by AUDIOVISIONS’ own in-house lighting design team. We are NCQLP (National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions) certified and also have over 30 years of lighting design experience. Our lighting design team really appreciates the flexibility of the revolutionary ECO system and how it can enhance the lighting designs and our clients lives.

Lutron QS Shades and Sivoia Triathlon Battery Powered Roller Shades

In Palm Springs, the sun’s rays create heat and glare that can damage artwork and furnishings. The Lutron shades protect the artwork plus provide privacy when needed. After the prewire was completed and drywall was up, the client decided to add a few more shades. This was easily accomplished by adding Lutron battery powered shades.

Lutron Sivoia Tensioned Roller Shades

We found a creative solution to cover a very large ceiling window. We provided 2 large Lutron tensioned ceiling shades. With excellent collaboration with the builder, the installation went well and the client was thrilled with the results.


The client loves to use his iPad. The Lutron system was seamlessly integrated with AUDIOVISIONS custom Savant User Interface pictured below so the client to easily control his lights and make changes to scenes as desired without having to call the integrator.

Energy Conservation & Daylight Harvesting

With all the sunshine in Palm Springs, daylight harvesting is an easy task with Lutron. Raising the shades on winter mornings keeps the house warm while lowering the shades in the summer keeps the house cool and protected from the intense sun.

Lighting Design

The ECO system, fixture layout and lighting fixture specification was designed by AUDIOVISIONS’ own lighting design team. Our lighting designer is NCQLP certified and an electrician for over 30 years. He really appreciates the flexibility of the ECO system and how it can enhance his lighting designs. A separate PDF of the lighting design and fixture schedule is attached to the submission.

Client Testimonial

“Lutron provided excellent design options, the competition doesn’t even come close.” – Homeowner
“The AUDIOVISIONS’ team was talented, responsive and met all of my needs..” – Homeowner.